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Army eyes DCGS reforms on Capitol Hill -- FCW


Click here to receive FCW magazine for FREE! ... The agency software inventories required under the draft category management policy will be treasure maps that lead to efficient, effective, streamlined buying and unprecedented savings.

Crowdsourcing: the democratization of organizational production -- FCW


I recently read a short piece called "Soldiers to help crowdsource spy maps." ... Agency making a similar point: "The Army, in essence, has been crowdsourcing geodata since soldiers began fighting wars, but now there are new databases that ...

Intel RFP, new NGA maps and another China hack -- FCW


Intel RFP, new NGA maps and another China hack ... "The open access availability of these antineutrino maps represents the next generation of cartography and gives important insights into the basic understanding about the interior of our ...

Geodata brokers, spear-phishing feds, a Data Act playbook and more -- FCW


May 11, 2015 NGA opens geodata to app developers The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is making its unclassified geospatial ... in much of the eastern United States can now view maps and data related to coastal flooding thanks to an ...

NGA banks on the power of transparency -- FCW


Tweet Geodata NGA banks on the power of transparency ... By Colby Hochmuth ... There is a data explosion happening in government. ... The team broke up the data by countries and into logical thematic groups, and then created country web maps.

Spectrum auction yields billions, CFPB signs IT deal, TIGER turns 25 and more -- FCW


At least $30 billion in bids have been recorded one week into the Federal ... The robust bidding also means that FirstNet, the planned nationwide broadband public ... Northrop Grumman has appointed longtime employee Patrick Antkowiak as chief ...

Shared services for mapping and a GSA promotion -- FCW


Yet amid the discussions of why agencies are reluctant to share and how they can ... Financial services are generally seen as the next big push. ... "Why isn't there a single entity doing all the maps?" one audience member asked. ... Featured

NGA releases unclassified mapping tool for Ebola relief -- FCW


... on the geography and infrastructure of Liberia and Guinea, and build maps that include layers of information on Ebola treatment centers, mobile phone ... In previous emergencies, NGA would share static maps or other products with relief ...

The Top 10 stories on -- FCW


When worldwide visa and passport operations pause, people take notice. Why maps matter With an explosion of geodata, more and more agencies are mapping to make sense of ... The agency has had its challenges, but it is an innovator, too.

USGS shakes up earthquake maps -- FCW


Tweet Geodata USGS shakes up earthquake maps By Mark Rockwell ... it typically updates the national seismic hazard models and maps every six years, in sync with building ... The maps show that 42 states are at risk, with 16 facing high risk.

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