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Volume 6 Issue 82 November 5 2000


NASA rethinks biz plan

DOD database to battle cybercrime

ISP starts storm service

Navy restricts IT buys

Racing the Olympic clock

Govolution partner to add local appeal

Invention, the mother of profit

The Circuit

Taking aim at gun issues

State and local eyes focused on Iowa's test

Florida cracks down on stolen goods

How it works

Tracking IT funding

Actions speak louder than words

Lights years ahead

Congress gives nod to nanotechnology

Building a global web

Maine warms to new Web site

Beware industry 'principles'


Military on NMCI watch

An ounce of prevention

Three lines into voice over IP

Florida ports seeing STARS

The big payoff

Of fish and funding

BlackBerry pushes a sweet solution

NSF invites cybergrants

How IT projects add up in Iowa

E-taxes: A long way to go

CIO Council serving 'cookies' guide

IRS presses its paperless project

More access, yet divide persists

Poll: Public hopes e-gov leads to accountability

Hill delivers ? some ? security funding

Weighing the options

EBay pledges aid to seniors

GSA, Gateway settle dispute

Sorting keys to reform

Web sites, CDs attempt to curb school violence

The lure of money

IT workers to receive pay hike

State laws win over E-Sign

The security glass is half full

Army scouts biometrics

TRAC should be derailed

Chicago police offer citizens a way to track local crime

The Dara Murray File

Communities split millions to fight digital divide

Groups still fall through the Net

Bit-by-bit strategy works in dot-com world

Public goods, personal use

Key IP telephony standards

DOD plans big IT grid

Plug and play: Power computing grids

Going for the gold

Governments struggle with e-gov savings

IT needs more funding

Seattle fired up over new Web feature

Take two on taxing

'Everyone in death is equal'

Data on demand

Configuration data: Go figure

Taking security up a notch

Cold feet on e-commerce

Wireless brings the Web to the palm

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