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Volume 7 Issue 32 September 3 2001


The missing piece

City borrows newspaper tool

VA eyes vendors for IT follow-on

The Circuit

NAPA eyes HR reform

Battle lines form over red-light cameras

The facts on eFACTS

How it works

Quicker network lies in wait for House

Florida site tracks world criminals

DOE lab gets results with Web-based survey

Problem drivers on a short leash

Workforce changes in store

Tallahassee ingenuity

Letters to the editor

What's the point?

PKI: A necessary evil

Big deal, new strategy

Defense CIO: Systems fill info gap

Network to link quake researchers

Drivers favor cameras

Focus on five

Ruling favors FAA unit for IT pay raise

City continues Internet freebie

SEWP's on

GSA deal will track acquisition worker skills

Bush management agenda wins nods

Out of bounds

Illinois throws line to small hospitals

Security added to SEWP

Let the Navy do its work

NSF gets outside help

Help in a dangerous world

High-performance horse race

Acrobat performs new tricks

Recipe for new leaders

Buyer's guide

Money flows in to flood site

Northrop lands mine deal

E-signatures battle 'fear factor'

Navy, DOD agree on NMCI testing

What's in a name?

Education mismanagement

Global grid gets DOD nod

Feds put bite on vampire devices

City's creativity brings in revenue

Library patches its copyright search

Prediction precision

What the orders include

Thinking big

Campaigning for tech

Just the eFACTS

NMCI helps pare legacy systems


Government at the grass roots

DOD defends Web site shutdown


Network gives neighbors variety of access

States premature on e-procurement

DOD's 18-month ambition


Requests snowball for E-Rate

Vendor contact list

Training's resource

Who you gonna call?

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