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Volume 7 Issue 6 March 4 2001


Digital Earth maps county's decision


Federal CIO to head e-gov

Is it over for transaction fees?

Ten years after

Don't think twice, IT's all right

Iowa digs for data gold

Preserving e-history for all

Creating a virtual medical market

GOP senators vow support for high-tech industry


Power in numbers

Phoenix: a conduit for telecom

FEMA maps need flood of money

Arula launches serial remote control

Bush's '02 blueprint pushes e-gov fund

Internet to go

All together now

New Nashville portal will put people first

Letters to the editor

E-commerce vendor nets Pentagon's deputy CIO

Idaho earns best in show

DOD 'tail' needs a trim

Alaska asks for E-Rate exception

New SEC site built for speed

How the House divides

Miller: Education's new recruit

Know thyself

The psychology of software

Cyberdefense students rely on PKI

Air Force won't follow NMCI lead

Rights of the disabled

Magic bus

A czar by any other name

NSF forms cyber panel

Does Lotus have a future with DMS?

Privacy vs. access

Telecom report due out soon

The infancy of e-taxes

Florida melds simplicity with high technology

With thin servers, you can pay as you grow

System monitors flood-prone creeks

Directory assistance

Defense Wire

The Circuit

Fingerprint readers enhance notebook security

Workforce a priority for Accenture

Jewel in the Middle East

Two states choose NIC for e-procurement

Making sense of a mixed-up market


Buy or rent?

Firm snaps up smart bus license

Lack of federal PKI hinders progress on e-purchasing

Street smart

Cashing in on IT

Coping with the security puzzle

A new generation of laws

CIOs get high-level face time

Data-rights reform needed

OPM readies new IT job series

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