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Aug 23 cover

August 23, 2010

Making it happen: 24 up-and-comers and their remarkable early achievements

2010 Rising Stars

Top 10 signs you have a Rising Star on staff

Nick Saund: Setting a guard post for military health information

Ryan Swann: Keeping the workforce on track

Nina Preuss: Connecting NIH scientists to data

Hoa Pham: Finessing Web 2.0 technology for educational outreach

Pablo Vilaboa: Supporting first responders after the Haiti earthquake

Donna Sheets: Shedding light on military medical mistakes

Martin Vozzo: Revitalizing distance learning

David Parrish: Befriending small biz on behalf of the IRS

Wayne Speaks: Making the rounds for military health applications

James Wenke: Improving disaster recovery, virtually

Andrew Heo: Stewarding $10B in information

Yosef Lehrman: Keeping tabs on law enforcement's critical networks

Leslie Hurley: Taming NMCI users' storage needs

Frank LaSota: Unclogging Medicare's call centers

Justin Filler: Sweetening Web 2.0 for DOD

Allison Scogin: Sculpturing trusted data networks for warfighters

Kathleen Druitt: Bridging the gap between recovery act initiatives

Christopher Barnes: Empowering supercomputer users

James Carver: Surging technology to the next battlefield

Douglas Haskin: Fortifying hardware and software for soldiers in the field

Gena Alexa: Securing U.S. land borders

Shane Sanders: Demystifying classified information sharing

Sara Mosley: Locking down the State Department's Internet connections

Joy Laibl: Revolutionizing JPL's networks


Kathleen Druitt: A program manager at heart

Pablo Vilaboa: When it comes to tech support, sleep is optional

Jim Carver: Getting it done in Iraq and Afghanistan


Don't let geospatial data get lost in the cloud

Why the Networx transition is a security imperative

How to fast-track IT modernization projects

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