Contract Leadership Articles

  • GWACs Growing at Record Pace

    Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) are growing quickly, and NITAAC’s CIO-CS revenue has doubled year over year. Lower costs and convenience are driving the growth, according to industry analysts. The Best in Class contracts offer scope, flexibility, efficiency and speed to their customers. Frequent updates keep the offerings current and competitive. >

  • Rethinking Mobility for Agency Workforces

    The most effective first response from agencies to help their employees work outside the office is not a technical solution. It starts with updating policies—security policies and Bring Your Own Device guidance. Then, checking older devices to make sure that they can be secured and providing bandwidth to handle larger files and faster transmission. For workers, who may be located in a rural setting with limited internet access who need to access classified systems, there are options available on CIO-CS that provide Commercial Solutions for Classified (CsfC). >

  • Telework Tools for the New Normal

    Many agencies had plans for short term remote workforces—like the situations caused by snowstorms or hurricanes. But few were prepared for a long term remote workforce. As a first step, agencies should do capacity modeling to understand where the gaps are. Upgrading to an enterprise Virtual Private Network can also provide the needed bandwidth. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers agencies an efficient way for access and gives agencies control over both access and actions. >

  • Is Remote Work the New Normal?

    As agencies evaluate when to reopen, many are looking at extending telework opportunities. Recent polls show that teleworking improves employee satisfaction and performance and could help agencies retain valuable employees. >

  • Quick Ordering, Fast Delivery

    NITAAC’s contracting officer discusses what’s available on CIO-CS and how agencies and individuals can order equipment quickly and inexpensively. >

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