Incident response

Given the escalating pace and scale of cyber attacks, it’s virtually assured that a government agency will fall victim at some point. What happens next can matter a lot.

When systems are compromised, or data held for ransom, federal IT leaders need to react quickly and effectively to contain the harm. Incident response tools and protocols are key to effective damage control.

Agencies need a response capability that can take automatic action in the case of a breach or even suspect activity on the network. They need a modernized means of prioritizing actions and launching remediation measures.

Fortunately, an emerging set of tech tools offers just such a capability.

Faster response
Take, for example, ServiceNow Security Incident Response. A security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) solution, it’s designed to address key gaps in many organizations’ security management practices, driving quicker and more effective response in times of cyber crisis.

The key to success here lies in automation. With the ServiceNow solution set, incidents that come to light either through defensive point solutions or through user reports meet with automated triage and response.

Given the volume of alerts IT teams must tackle each day, this automation and orchestration capability is a game-changer. For federal technology teams, it can reduce the burden on individual staff who would otherwise be tied to manual processes. Automation means they can spend less time trying to understand the threat and more time remediating the risk.

ServiceNow Security Incident Response enables IT teams to:

  • Manage threat exposure proactively. When you know your security posture, you can quickly prioritize high-impact threats in real time and at scale.
  • Ensure cyber resilience: Automation and orchestration enable faster response, with collaborative workflows and repeatable processes across security, risk, and IT.
  • Know your response strategy: A coherent incident response deployment can help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IT teams, thus improving their response processes.

Key features & functions
A robust incident response platform, the ServiceNow offering delivers workflow management through its Flow Designer feature. This enables IT to automate assignments and coordinate incident prioritization and remediation. The platform also offers a security operations efficiency dashboard, to highlight where the Security Operations Center is performing well and where you need to evolve your teams and response workflows. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the speed and effectiveness of current response processes enable continuous improvement of the SOC.

In addition, the solution set includes phishing reporting and response capability to enable IT to triage and prioritize user-reported phishing emails and to group similar incidents automatically. And its MITRE ATT&CK framework integration provides advanced context, enabling defenders to stay one step ahead. ServiceNow leverages the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base of threat actor techniques and tactics to help analysts predict what other attack vectors might be attempted by an adversary.

The stakes have never been higher, when it comes to cybersecurity. A rash of recent attacks have highlighted the vulnerabilities across all systems, including high-value government targets.

With a robust incident response capability, government agencies can leverage automation to drive more effective remediations. A solution set like the one offered by ServiceNow can speed response and recovery, while simultaneously freeing IT from routine manual tasks, enabling the experts to spend more of their time helping business line leaders to leverage technology in support of mission outcomes.

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