Security Management

A number of risk factors have come together lately to highlight potential shortcomings in federal agencies’ typically fragmented approach to cybersecurity.

The rise of remote work and the upsurge in cloud-based operations have dramatically expanded the potential attack surface. The conventional perimeter no longer exists, and current tools and processes have been stretched to their limits as a result. At the same time, a heightened pace of cyberattacks – they’re more frequent, and more serious – has exacerbated the situation.

In this environment, effective Security Management has become increasingly important. The ServiceNow security management suite of tools, for example, can help to automate key processes and elevate the overall level of cyber defense.

The current landscape
Across federal agencies, the typical security footprint contains many disparate point solutions for vulnerability scanning, threat priority, and response management. The disaggregated nature of these systems leads to extensive manual processes, slowing cyber response and stretching already-overburdened IT teams to the breaking point.

Once threats and vulnerabilities are identified, an organization’s response often relies on manual efforts, good judgment, and the experience of individual analysts. The speed and scale of such attacks may limit the utility of this approach.

At the same time, effective cyber response requires proper coordination and handoff between IT and security. Threats identified by users may not always be properly routed and triaged. This results in a lack of coordinated response and makes it difficult for organizations to consistently tackle threats. They can’t react fast enough, and they can’t proactively identify potential threats to head off any possible harm.

The increased attack surface intensifies all these inefficiencies, making it ever harder for IT staff to manage systems and safeguard organizational assets.

Clearly, a better way is needed.

Toward Security Management
In the Security Management vision, sophisticated solution sets are tightly coordinated, with responses orchestrated and automated. Consistent processes are applied to threat response, and manual labor is minimized, freeing IT to be more proactive and more effective in their cyber efforts.

A number of key components come together to make this vision a reality. Available within the ServiceNow security management suite of tools are capabilities that include:

  • Security Operations: With an application suite that brings together diverse processes, security teams can more effectively and proactively respond to security incidents.
  • Vulnerability Response: With powerful threat intelligence capabilities, vulnerability response tools help IT leaders to align response with the severity of the threat, while also making it simpler to plan and schedule deployment of security patches.
  • Incidence Response: When time is of the essence, robust Incidence Response tools enable agency IT leaders to react quickly in order to effectively to contain the harm from a cyber incident.

When a single vendor is used to supply all these key components, it becomes possible to adopt a true Security Management approach to securing federal systems. In place of today’s fragmented and labor-intensive portfolios of cyber solutions, ServiceNow’s suite of security offerings can deliver close coordination among the various defensive elements.

Federal agencies can leverage ServiceNow to shift toward a Security Management posture to more effectively meet the cyber challenges of the day.

With remote work and cloud computing extending digital engagements beyond the conventional perimeter, and with the pace and severity of cyberattacks ever on the rise, a coordinated approach – driven by automation and orchestration – can help ensure more effective use of an agency’s cyber talent and resources. The net result: More effective responses, and a higher level of security around critical data and processes.

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