Security Operations

In the face of a vast and complex cyber risk landscape, government has responded with fragmented and heterogenous solutions. It can be difficult to mount an effective defense when IT experts are bogged down managing multiple, disconnected solution sets.

Government needs to adopt a Security Operations approach, an application suite that brings together the diverse processes that security teams need in order to effectively and proactively respond to security incidents.

Take, for instance, the enterprise-grade Security Operations suite from ServiceNow. An integrated suite of capabilities, it enables defenders to proactively perform threat intelligence tasks, and to undertake threat hunting to classify threat-actors. It empowers them to scan the network to find and prioritize vulnerabilities in need of patching.

A dashboard embedded in the ServiceNow suite makes it easy for security managers and senior leadership to view active issues and to track events over time to confirm that critical problems are being addressed and resolved in a timely way. An executive view delivers key metrics and indicators for enhanced visibility into the security posture and team performance.

The platform’s AI capabilities drive smart workflows, with MITRE ATT&CK empowering IT to investigate threats and close gaps. Risk-based vulnerability management can be applied across the infrastructure and applications, making it possible to prioritize and mitigate based on potential business impact.

Robust capabilities
The Security Operations application includes a range of specific capabilities designed to streamline the tasks around cyber defense, while simultaneously elevating an agency’s level of responsiveness.

  • Secure incident response includes workflow and automation features that make it possible to quickly prioritize and response to threats. With vulnerability response tools, IT can efficiently address vulnerabilities based on their potential impact upon the mission.
  • Configuration compliance tools enable cyber teams to readily identify, prioritize, and remediate misconfigured software. Threat intelligence tools add analytic context to help guide incident response. Analytics also support real-time dashboards, with more than 50 security-specific KPIs.
  • Vulnerability management offers an efficient means to identify the remediation activities that will produce the greatest impact. Event management delivers a consolidated means to collect and process events for incident creation.

In an era of disaggregated security solutions, ServiceNow’s Security Operations cuts across silos. It integrates seamlessly with existing security tools and intelligence sources, driving greater simplicity and freeing up time and talent in support of a more robust cyber response.

Built on the Now Platform, the Security Operations application operates with a single data model, thus eliminating data silos. It features prebuilt orchestration, combining human processes and automation on a single platform to reduce tasks and drive productivity. And automated workflows help to minimize bottlenecks with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

For government agencies, much depends on the effectiveness of cyber response. Reacting to an incident too slowly can have dire consequences. When teams are overwhelmed by alerts and mired in manual processes, risk increases.

In a Security Operations environment, automation and orchestration can help to make teams more efficient, and allow them to respond more quickly. ServiceNow Security Operations brings in security and vulnerability data from your existing tools and uses intelligent workflows and automation to help identify, prioritize, and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

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