Vulnerability Response

The tasks of cybersecurity are too big to be taken piecemeal. Given the scale of incursions and the complexity of modern IT systems, government agencies need a coordinated means to manage cyber vulnerabilities. They need threat intelligence to drive their efforts, as they strive to ensure that critical systems are secure and have the most up-to-date security patching installed.

Modernized tools help to make this sprawling task more manageable.

Take for instance ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response offering. Designed to fully integrate the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), it gives ready access to an up-to-date library of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) alerts. This threat intelligence enables an agency’s vulnerability remediation support group to clearly identify and assess new vulnerability alerts, even assigning a risk score to prioritize critical vulnerabilities.

A robust Vulnerability Response gives IT leaders greater control, for example, by enabling them to set resolution target Service Level Agreement (SLA) goals that align with the severity of the threat. Modernized tools likewise make it possible to include vulnerability remediation directly within a change request, making it simpler to plan and schedule deployment of security patches into production.

The ServiceNow Vulnerability Response suite empowers government IT leaders to get ahead of the risk landscape, enabling them to:

  • Manage exposure risk: A centralized view of exposure with a unified reporting dashboard makes it easier to see and manage the risk situation.
  • Get needed context: With a fully-informed view of vulnerabilities, IT can respond quickly, confidently, and accurately to critical risk vectors.
  • See vulnerabilities in real time: Continuous monitoring capabilities drive success, making it possible to proactively understand one’s risk posture and manage policy compliance.
  • Simplify response: Frictionless workflows empower responder to deliver consistent, repeatable processes.

Among its powerful feature set, the ServiceNow offering delivers integrated performance analytics. These enable defenders to readily identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, while also consolidating scanning data to determine risk.

A vulnerability solutions management capability enables IT to view the organization’s most important remediation activities and monitor their completion. Software exposure assessment tools make it easy to accurately assess exposure to software vulnerabilities and proactively manage remediation workflows.

In addition, the platform’s continuous monitoring capability supports dynamic updating of risk scores and prioritization. IT leaders then are empowered to adapt security policies based on monitoring data.

Faced with a rising tide of cyberthreats, and an ever-growing risk of systems exploitation, federal IT leaders need to bring modernized weapons to the fight. With ransomware and other high-impact attacks growing every year, they need a robust means to monitor the threat landscape, in order to effectively harden their systems.

Manual processes cannot meet the challenge at hand. With a full-fledged Vulnerability Response platform, agencies can gain greater insight into their risk situation and can move faster to defend against emerging threats. ServiceNow’s threat intelligence tools help IT teams to take timely and effective action, enabling them to move at the speed needed to meet the risk levels of the day.

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