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Federal agencies’ efforts to transform their services and supporting IT have been complicated by the new COVID work environment. Carahsoft provides resources for that change, including advice on edge computing, best practices for digital transformation across agencies’ mission operations, contact centers, customer experience, self-service portals and websites, and more.


  • Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century

    Government agencies must tackle citizen demands and modernize services. The goal is simple: to find ways to improve interactions and outcomes through digital experiences. In this whitepaper, discover how to streamline digital forms processes, deliver mobile friendly web solutions, send track electronic documents, and enhance citizen engagement and trust. Download the resource

  • Edge Computing: An Essential Catalyst for Digital Transformation

    In many ways, the past year has been government’s time to shine. Despite massive disruption, IT and business leaders have risen to the task of enabling remote work and delivering constituent services in new ways. At the same time, they’ve encountered daunting technology challenges as overburdened web portals crashed and slow page loads frustrated users seeking unemployment relief and other urgent services. To address these challenges and prepare for emerging technologies that require secure, real-time data processing at massive scale, many government IT leaders are turning to edge computing, where the collection and processing of data occurs closer to the sources of that data to improve latency, availability and security. Download the resource

  • 4 Steps to Contact Center Digital Transformation for the Public Sector

    The work from-home scenario exposed system limitations. It was difficult to rapidly scale contact center operations to meet demand while also transitioning employees to a work-from-home environment. As a result, citizens grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of information available and inability to easily contact someone for help. While most agencies were working on digital transformation as it pertains to customer experience, communication modalities and automation have quickly become requirements based on changes across the 2020 business landscape. A cloud-native contact center solution focused around automation enables agencies to address customer experience (CX) goals and provide much needed scalability while enabling worker location flexibility. Download the resource

  • A Government Leaders Book of Best Practices

    We find that a number of best practices tend to surface from Trailblazer’s collective experience with the cloud—best practices we frequently capture in a format that makes the perfect “to-do” list for departments and agencies looking to modernize services, transform the mission and meet the demands of today’s digital era. And we’ve collected them all in this eBook. Download the resource

  • Citizen Experience in a Post-COVID World: A Guide to Digital Service

    COVID-19 has been a game changer for every public sector and private sector organization in the world. It changed nearly everything about how citizens and customers interact with organizations of every shape and size. Whether you were swept into digital experiences or are just now getting started, this guide contains practical frameworks, tactics and use cases for getting it right. Download the guide now and start using these tips toward digital service that can help provide convenient, personalized solutions for citizens in good times and bad. Download the resource

  • A Flexible Path to a Modern Digital Experience for Government Agencies

    Many agencies are striving to offer more modern, personalized and responsive experiences to the citizens, employees and businesses they serve. Yet, many agencies struggle to meet these goals due to constraints brought on by legacy systems, fragmented data, outdated, or an inability to personalize digital services for specific individuals. Liferay’s DXP (Digital Experience Platform) offers a seamless, integrated way to meet these challenges while supporting federal agency digital transformation strategies, including the specific mandates of the PMA and 21st Century IDEA Act. With Liferay DXP, agencies can build modern, responsive citizen, personnel, self-service portals and websites on a modern platform that is secure, responsive and intuitive. Download the resource