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Previously the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence is becoming more widespread thanks to a convergence of technology advances and government demand. AI augments what people can accomplish, meaning agencies can tackle big, complex challenges faster and more effectively.

In the latest Innovation in Government Report, we explore how agencies can take full advantage of this transformative technology.


  • VESPR Validate

    Artificial Intelligence adoption brings new opportunities, and with them, new risks and challenges –especially when it comes to ensuring effective AI adoption. According to Gartner, 85% of AI projects will deliver erroneous results and fail to yield a positive ROI due to issues inherent in the deployment process. VESPR VALIDATE, a turn-key solution that ensures your computer vision AI models can securely succeed in real world conditions, enables organizations to solve the deployment gap. Download this data sheet to learn more.

  • Gain Intelligence. Predict Maintenance Needs.

    AI that allows you to predict your maintenance needs so you can gain intelligence to protect your most valuable assets. Clarifai’s computer vision and AI technology can automate visual inspection processes to improve equipment sustainment, reduce manual inspection times and lower maintenance costs. Download this solution brief to learn how Clarifai can anticipate equipment issues before they interrupt your operations. Download the resource.

  • Data Strategy Drives Cloud Success

    The great potential of the cloud lies in its ability to manage vast tracts of data while its scale, speed and flexibility support data-driven processes. But to take full advantage of a cloud-driven ecosystem, the government must have more than just a cloud strategy—a game plan for bringing processes and applications forward into a new hardware environment. Agencies also need a data strategy, a deliberate and well-conceived set of policies aimed at making data consistent, clean and readily available across the full spectrum of hardware implementations, both on-prem and in multiple cloud environments. Download the resource.

  • AI Solutions Powered by Synthetic Data

    CVEDIA replaces the need for real world data, removing the entire data process including collection, curation and labelling. Our solutions consistently outperform our competitors, are developed at a fraction of the cost, and can be deployed to the field in a matter of a few weeks. Learn more about how CVEDIA can help you achieve your goals. Download the resource.

  • New Efficiency, New Insights: Put Unstructured Data to Work at the Edge, the Core, and the Cloud

    Federal teams need new options to manage the growing volume of unstructured data generated from many different sources and devices, including mobile units, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, Internet of Things devices and more. Federal teams collect and manage this data in diverse environments. Vital to inform smarter operations, unstructured data also requires significant processing power for split-second analysis, unhindered data mobility, and cloud access. Because of the sheer volumes of unstructured data being created, systems need to auto balance to prevent hot spots. Many federal agencies report that they cannot effectively derive insights from raw unstructured data. Download the resource.

  • H20.ai Data Sheet 2021

    The H2O AI Hybrid Cloud solves complex business problems and accelerates the discovery of new ideas with results you can understand and trust. Our comprehensive automated machine learning (autoML) capabilities transform how AI is created and consumed. We have built AI to do AI, making it easier and faster to use, while still maintaining expert levels of accuracy, speed and transparency. We deliver on our mission to democratize AI by moving people from idea to impact with the confidence to make, operate and innovate with AI on the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud. Download the resource.

  • Minimizing Downtime and Improving Productivity With AI-Guided Predictive Maintenance

    Lockheed Martin uses AI and NVIDIA DGX systems to distill insights from massive amounts of data and improve asset availability. Lockheed Martin is addressing the challenge of escalating maintenance costs in the defense sector by adopting AI for predictive maintenance to improve their client’s asset availability, increase safety, and reduce costs. Learn how they are taking predictive analytics to the next level. Download the resource.