• Machine Learning for Mission Success

    Within the federal sector, machine learning and artificial intelligence are treated like a distant possibility rather than an immediate reality. Considerable confusion exists about how the government can implement technology to automate predictive analytics and free data scientists to make educated decisions in real time, rather than crunch algorithms. Join us to discuss how agencies can start implementing automated machine learning to enable the AI-driven agency for mission success. 12/06/2017

  • Enterprise Cloud: Key Considerations for Mission-Critical Applications

    During the “cloud first” era, agencies across government moved a steady stream of applications and services to the cloud and began learning how to address requirements related to performance, reliability and, of course, security. But the stakes are getting higher: As part of the emerging push for IT modernization, agencies are looking to take greater advantage of the cloud, and that means migrating enterprise or mission-critical applications. 12/05/2017

  • Health IT: Strategies for More Effective Use of the Cloud

    Given the complexity of their IT environments, most healthcare organizations are moving toward a hybrid cloud environment, with some applications and data appropriate for commercial cloud services, and others better suited for on premise systems. The challenge is arriving at the right balance. 11/01/2017

  • Best Practices in Implementing the Cybersecurity Framework

    Although “The Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” originally was intended primarily for organizations protecting the electric grid, bridges and other elements of the nation’s critical infrastructure, it quickly was recognized as a valuable tool that agencies could use in protecting their IT infrastructure. In this webcast, Jeff Marron, IT Specialist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will provide agencies with insights into the framework and how to implement it effectively in their IT environments. 10/26/2017

  • Taking IT to the Edge: Delivering on the Promise of IoT

    Agencies across the federal government are primed to take advantage of emerging solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). In many cases, agencies already have countless networked devices embedded in their field operations, providing an opportunity to gain new insights and to create new services. But to realize the full benefits of IoT, agencies need to push more intelligence to the edge of their operations. In this webcast, Jeffrey Voas, a computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will discuss steps that agencies can take to turn IoT into operational intelligence and better decisions. 10/12/2017


  • The Federal Cyber AI IQ Test

    With the advent of cloud, IoT, and other next-gen technologies, the Federal government's digital footprint is growing at an exponential rate. But as the amount of data explodes, so does the number of cyber adversaries and vulnerabilities in our government’s networks. Read this report to learn more about cognitive security adoption trends and how it can help to protect your agency.

  • Take a Practical Approach to Modernization

    As agencies modernize their IT systems to deliver better and more secure services, they must also devote equal attention to the management, workforce, and leadership aspects of modernization as they do the technology. Currently, there are several executive orders and reports motivating agencies to modernize their IT, beef up cybersecurity, and deliver improved mission results. Learn more about the practical approaches that can help agencies succeed with their IT modernization strategy.

  • Hybrid IT Supports Agency Modernization

    As government agencies are looking to move their technology workloads to the cloud to bolster their security, they are still grappling with older legacy systems as well and the pressure to consolidate their data centers and improve security. Most are looking at a hybrid IT approach to enable them to move applications to the cloud while maintaining older legacy systems that are not yet ready to transition. The overall goal is to reduce infrastructure requirements to save money, exploit "as-a-service" capabilities, reduce application footprints and minimize its cyberattack surface.

  • Avoid Modernization Missteps

    As agencies develop their plans for IT modernization, they must ensure it's a flexible plan that looks beyond tools and technology. IT modernization isn't just about technology, but also about determining the problems that need to be solved. It is important for agencies to take time to clarify their organizational and mission goals, re-evaluate their business processes, and not get too caught up in the tools or the platforms to ensure success.

  • Choosing The Right Tool For The Job

    To be competitive in the changing global landscape, companies and organizations need even more powerful machines today to drive efficiencies and provide a faster time to market, at lower costs. Download this informative asset to learn how workstations, specifically designed to power through high-workload technical or scientific applications, deliver greater performance and reliability compared to mainstream PCs.