Big Data

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    GSA unveils Data Federation portal

    GSA wants new U.S. Data Federation to become source and inspiration for more open data across government. 09/29/2016

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    Treasury mulls open identifier system

    The Treasury Department is working on a Legal Entity Identifier system to link financial institutions, but officials say its government-wide adoption would require assurances of open, free and high-quality data available on a non-discriminatory basis. 09/28/2016

  • R. David Edelman - White House technology adviser

    US and EU seek to bridge data privacy gaps

    The U.S. and the European Union have spent years trying to come to agreement over questions of privacy, security and commerce in cyberspace -- and challenges remain. 09/28/2016

  • GSA, Dun & Bradstreet agree on wider DUNS use

    New deal gives agencies wider use of procurement data keyed to DUNS numbers. 09/28/2016

  • Robert Cardillo, Director of the National Geospatial Intelliengence Agency

    Geospatial-as-a-service isn't far off

    As commercial satellite imaging companies multiply, NGA is looking for new ways to acquire mapping data. 09/27/2016

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    AI is coming

    Steve Kelman looks at the potential -- and potential risks -- of letting algorithms drive government decision-making. 09/26/2016

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    Treasury 'on track' to hit Data Act milestones

    Despite concerns, Treasury Department officials said they are on schedule to publish agency spending data by the May 2017 deadline. 09/20/2016

  • NGA crowdsources data access

    NGA launches campaign with $200,000 in prize money for best solution to a data access problem. 09/02/2016

  • Rental cars can be data thieves, warns FTC

    The Federal Trade Commission reminds consumers that rental cars can be a vector for data theft via their onboard IT systems. 08/31/2016

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    How HPCs crunch rivers of water data

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has come up with a way to use its supercomputing power to speed the sprawling data analysis associated with extremely complex public works. 08/26/2016

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    How AI can be a game changer for government

    Automating routine citizen services will allow federal employees to focus on more creative and fulfilling tasks. 08/24/2016

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    NNSA looks to map lightning before it strikes

    The agency charged with protecting the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile installed new sensors at its weapons components plant to better protect it from the heavens. 08/15/2016

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