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  • Agencies poised to hit CDM dashboard goal

    Activity around a critical federal cybersecurity program is heating up, with DHS and Congress hoping to see major progress on key goals by summer 2018. 05/18/2018

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    House panel looks at ditching the SSN

    In light of multiple large-scale data breaches in recent years, some on Capitol Hill are looking at accelerating the move away from widespread reliance on social security numbers in government systems. 05/17/2018

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    DHS releases cyber strategy

    The five-year policy plan articulates the Department of Homeland Security's cyber role as almost entirely defensive. 05/16/2018

  • Jim Langevin (D-RI)

    House Dems look to salvage cyber coordinator post

    Amid reports that the White House has junked its cyber coordinator position, a dozen lawmakers in the House have introduced legislation to restore the role. 05/15/2018

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    NIST seeks 'lightweight' encryption standards

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants public input on the best way to design evaluation criteria dictating new encryption standards for small computing devices. 05/11/2018

  • Cyber deterrence is about more than punching back

    Politicians and experts routinely call for a strategy that imposes costs on nation states for cyberattacks, but going on offense isn't always the answer. 05/10/2018

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    Drawing 'red lines' for threats against the grid

    Advancing energy distribution technology can blunt cyber threats to America’s electrical systems, but malicious actors need to know what actions will have consequences, according to experts. 05/10/2018

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    Senate Intel offers election security guidelines

    A new report on election security by the Senate Intel committee calls for paper backups for state voter registration databases, risk assessments for voting machine manufacturers and better sensor technology for state and local election systems. 05/09/2018

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    How to beat the cost of crime-solving tech

    Complex and expensive crime-solving needs are driving local law enforcement entities to the FBI and other deep-pocketed federal agencies for solutions. 05/09/2018

  • For contractors late on Kaspersky cleanup, DHS considers consequences

    Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen floated the possibility of punishment for noncompliant contractors in the wake of the federal ban on Kaspersky software. 05/08/2018

  • Royalty-free stock photo ID: 641963182 By 4kclips Department of Energy in Washington - WASHINGTON DC / COLUMBIA - APRIL 7, 2017

    House bill backs new cyber program at Energy

    The administration's request for a new budget line for cybersecurity activities at the Department of Energy earned big backing in an FY2019 appropriations bill. 05/07/2018

  • Carpathia offers continuous compliance monitoring tool

    7 Steps for getting right with NIST 800-171

    The pressure for DOD contractors to bring their systems into compliance is especially strong, but these best practices can help any organization working with federal data. 05/04/2018

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