How to Increase Regulatory Compliance while Reducing Costs and Resource Requirements

The growth of information is doubling every 18 months. And most of this growth is from unstructured sources including e-mail, collaboration tools, mobile devices and social media applications. Federal agencies are faced with the challenge of managing this information so that it is readily available to users that need it – while also ensuring that their information systems comply with the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements put forth by OMB, NARA and Congress. And all of this must be accomplished at a time when the budgets allocated to information management are flat or even declining.

But there is no need to compromise. Join us on this complimentary webcast to learn how to craft an information management strategy that effectively balances the need for usability, regulatory compliance and cost.

Learn how you can productively and economically:

  • Leverage existing infrastructure in a more productive information management strategy.
  • Improve user experience around information creation, use, classification, information location and re-use of existing information.
  • Manage, classify, control and reuse website based social media interactions.
  • Minimize user impact while complying with Federal information management and records control regulations.
  • Bring existing information repositories into compliance with Federal information management regulations.
  • Identify the gaps and risks associated with your current information infrastructure.