Category 6A: The Cabling of Choice for New Installations

This white paper explores the history and likely future of data communications and power over Ethernet technologies to explain what makes Category 6A fundamentally different from Categories 5e and 6, and why it matters today. When considering these factors together, Category 6A is the clear choice for any new installation, serving applications that are emerging today and are expected to become prevalent over the next five years.

IT Modernization through Hyperconverged Infrastructure

While many federal agencies understand the value of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for VDI and work consolidation, fewer understand how it can also help agencies achieve IT modernization goals. The same benefits agencies realize from HCI in areas like virtual desktops, shared storage, and workload consolidation can help them gain traction in meeting other IT modernization goals, such as scalability, availability, performance, security, cost-effectiveness, and time savings. Learn more in this informative report.

IoT Gains Traction

IoT’s basic value proposition is simple - it allows organizations to interconnect smart devices, collect massive amounts of data, and mine it for insights. From predictive maintenance and connected cars to wearables for worker safety, IoT supports applications that have the potential to help organizations lower costs, enhance customer service and improve their operations. Organizations are expected to install about 22 billion IoT devices by 2018. Learn what IoT can do for your organization in this informative report.

Top 4 Mobile Security Insights for CISOs

Over the past year, Gartner has provided important observations and guidance as to the shift in the mobile enterprise security market. In this report, we cover the top 4 key insights and recommendations to prepare for strategic mobile security conversations with your organization's decision makers.

Mobile Security: The 6 Questions Modern Organizations Are Asking

How secure is your mobile workforce? Sophisticated mobile threats with the ability to target valuable enterprise data and devices are a reality. To achieve the highest level of protection for critical mobile infrastructure integrate your EMM/MDM solution with endpoint security for mobile threat defense, app risk mitigation, and compliance. Read this whitepaper to learn what six questions you need to be asking to make sure your enterprise is safe and secure.

The Spectrum of Mobile Risk

Read the "Spectrum of Mobile Risk" data-based report which will provide you a comprehensive overview of the real-world risk landscape facing organizations like yours. You'll learn the types of mobile threats and vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk, how app behaviors and configurations pose an unseen risk to your enterprise and how to begin evaluating your organization’s spectrum of risk today.

Creating Efficiences In Health Care Facilities With BIM

There are complex processes involved in building or remodeling health care facilities - planning, executing, and then managing these sophisticated properties. Process inefficiency has led to stalled or even canceled projects. Learn more in this informative report about Building information modeling (BIM) to see how it can serve as a project catalyst in helping management and design teams design, construct, and operate health care facilities while easily collaborating and sharing data.

Research Report: VDI Gains Ground with Room to Grow

In a recent study by the 1105 Public Sector Media Group, over 115 federal, state and local government respondents were surveyed on their views and their agency’s experiences with VDI. Topics included VDI adoption status, IT challenges and strategies, implementation benefits, and hosting and purchasing preferences. Download this research report to gain access to the survey findings.

PC Lifecycle Management Interactive eGuide

Dell’s approach to PC Lifecycle management is designed to help customers make the change from IT maintenance to innovation all while controlling their PC infrastructure costs. With this eGuide IT professionals will learn how to deploy, secure, and support PCs with unparalleled efficiency leveraging Dell’s industry-leading hardware, services, and security solutions.

Going Big with Mobile

Today's mobile devices are powerful and easy to use. Agencies have embraced them as a way to help their employees be more productive and enhance the services they deliver to citizens. As cell phones, tablets and smart watches become a more integral part of the government's digital strategy, it is imperative that they continue to expand their use so employees are truly empowered to execute their mission on an enterprise level. Download this informative report to learn all things mobile and what your agency needs to do to embrace it.

Redefine Your Workforce Enablement Through Productivity

Millennials are reshaping the world of work through their knowledge of new technologies, work habits, and attitudes of the 21st-century workplace. At the same time, IT departments are working to add flexibility to the way they are supporting the Millennial worker. Yet it’s not just about IT providing the right tools and devices to its employees so they can get their jobs done effectively; IT needs to offer an overall workplace ecosystem that is secure and innovative. In September 2016, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study with 560 information workers across all industries in Australia, India, the UK, and the US. Learn more about the working habits that emerged and how IT departments can apply these insights to future deployments. Download Report!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Workstation over a PC

It seems every business sector—automotive, aerospace and defense, heavy industry, consumer goods, even agriculture—wants “smarter” products that will comprise the Internet of Things (IoT) and form the basis for the connected factory of the future. For engineering departments, large and small, that means today’s design engineering teams are being asked to create more complex product designs, simulate more advanced mechanical and electrical phenomena, and virtually assemble components as part of larger systems—all in less time.