Avoid Modernization Missteps

As agencies develop their plans for IT modernization, they must ensure it's a flexible plan that looks beyond tools and technology. IT modernization isn't just about technology, but also about determining the problems that need to be solved. It is important for agencies to take time to clarify their organizational and mission goals, re-evaluate their business processes, and not get too caught up in the tools or the platforms to ensure success.

Choosing The Right Tool For The Job

To be competitive in the changing global landscape, companies and organizations need even more powerful machines today to drive efficiencies and provide a faster time to market, at lower costs. Download this informative asset to learn how workstations, specifically designed to power through high-workload technical or scientific applications, deliver greater performance and reliability compared to mainstream PCs.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Workstation over a PC

It seems every business sector—automotive, aerospace and defense, heavy industry, consumer goods, even agriculture—wants “smarter” products that will comprise the Internet of Things (IoT) and form the basis for the connected factory of the future. For engineering departments, large and small, that means today’s design engineering teams are being asked to create more complex product designs, simulate more advanced mechanical and electrical phenomena, and virtually assemble components as part of larger systems—all in less time.

The Rugged Truth: TCO of Rugged vs. Non-Rugged Computing Devices

Are you trying to determine if a rugged notebook or tablet is right for your business? Technology Business Research, Inc.(TBR) found in their research, purchasers should understand the true value of their mobile computing by calculating the total cost of ownership to see if a switch to rugged systems is worthwhile. In order to help IT and organizational purchasers make the right computing investment, Dell and Intel® recently worked with VDC Research to understand the true total cost of ownership for rugged vs. non–rugged notebooks and tablets in harsh work environments. Read this white paper to see the costs associated with each scenario and to help you determine if a rugged solution would benefit your business.

Real-World Testing Ensures Real-World Performance for Rugged Devices

The increasingly mobile nature of technology enables computing devices to go out into the field with workers. And computing devices leaving the office face the same perils as their human counterparts.

Modernization is Key to Securing Identity

It is time to look at modern technology and how it can help find a new way forward. President Trump's Executive Order 13800, issued in May, has four primary pillars to drive the modernization of existing systems: ensuring security and digitization are the foundation of modernization efforts, securing critical information, international partnerships and deterrents and building a trained and capable workforce in both the public and private sector. Learn how to overcome obstacles such as compliance, costs, and culture to achieve better security.

Rugged Mobility: 4 Mission Critical Requirements to Keep Remote Workers

To provide users with complete ruggedized solutions, devices need much more than extremely reliable performance in harsh working conditions. They need security, manageability, support and, when required, readily available service. That way, remote workers can stay productive no matter where they are, what they’re doing or the conditions they face.

Digital Transformation Takes Planning and Collaboration

Digital transformation, spurred on by the technological advancements, has helped government agencies deliver new and better services to their citizens and ultimately improve internal operations. However, true digital transformation is a journey that requires long-term vision, collaboration, and a strong connection with the customer, according to speakers at our recent event. Learn more about the priorities with digital transformation in this informative report.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Comes of Age

The promise of practical AI and machine-learning is particularly relevant to the IT modernization efforts currently underway throughout government agencies. Driven by the expectations of an increasingly digital-savvy public, agencies have been straining to transform their sprawling, aged, costly, and resource-heavy IT environments into something that can quickly and efficiently deliver citizen-friendly digital services. Learn more about this technology modernization in this Enterprise Outlook report.

Cyber Guide: Stay Ahead of Security

If there is one constant in the world of cybersecurity, it’s that nothing stays the same. The manner in which agencies connect to and use technology continues to evolve and unfortunately cyberthreats are also changing to adapt and find new vulnerabilities.

6 Keys to Government Cloud Modernization

Maintaining a flexible infrastructure, as well s flexible processes and attitudes, is critical to truly modernizing the government’s use of the cloud. Explore this Infographic to learn the 6 keys to government modernization.

NETCENTS-2 Makes Good Business Sense

The Defense Department’s focus on net-centric war fighting has sharpened over the past decade. Along the way, its IT contract vehicles have become more important as a way to focus technology on that goal. Network Centric Solutions-2 (NETCENTS-2) is a critical contract vehicle to help the Air Force acquire technology tailored to its specific mission needs.