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Contract Guide: Facing Down Cyberthreats with CDM

When the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program was first launched several years ago, the intent was to strengthen the overall security posture for federal agency IT across the board. It hasn’t been without its challenge, but it has enjoyed some success as well. Following several very public and damaging attacks this year at the Office of Personnel Management and the IRS, the pace of this program rollout will most likely increase. There is certainly pressure to do so. The first two phases of the three-phase rollout are well underway, and phase three is beginning. Federal agencies are realizing how to integrate this into their procurement strategies and priorities.

Information Warfare Evolves With The Times

Download this informative Event Overview from the recent event titled "Network-Centric Warfare: Next Steps to Achieving the Vision" to learn how the navy takes an enterprise-level view to deliver new technologies and data to the warfighter.

The Evolution of Military Manufacturing

The GAO recommends many actions which it believes will improve the way the DOD acquires defense systems. Too often programs run into problems during development because requirements are unrealistic and cost and schedule are underestimated. But, there is a vision for a more effective way that takes into account the design and manufacturing needs of a new approach, a vision for the Future of Making Things. This eBook will examine the problems currently undermining systems acquisition in the federal community, the near future of manufacturing involving new materials and processes, and what that could mean for DOD and federal systems acquisition.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Federal agencies rely on mobile technology in a range of extreme environments, from border patrol to emergency services, where device failure is not an option. However, with so many “ruggedized” mobile computers on the market, it can be challenging to determine which technology, laptop or tablet, will best meet their needs. New rugged detachable laptops are emerging that offer the best of both worlds in a single device. This whitepaper will take a close look at the usage modes of the fully rugged detachable Panasonic Toughbook 20 laptop, along with examples of different tasks federal agencies encounter on the job.

Four App Deployment Disasters Every Business Should Know About

Download this informative Solution Brief to learn what you need to do to avoid common app deployment mistakes to help make your next mobile project a success.

Simplify and Save with Hyperconverged Systems

Over the past decade, IT organizations have faced decreasing budgets and strained resources. At the same time, they’re expected to increase the services they are delivering. This has driven organizations to make IT more efficient and responsive. In response to that call, virtualization and standardization have become primary drivers of modern secure infrastructure. These drivers have led to a new generation of IT architecture called converged infrastructure. The latest evolution taking place today is hyper-converged infrastructure platforms. Download this informative report to learn how embracing a hyperconverged infrastructure can save costs, reduce complexity and improve overall performance.

The Automation Answer

Despite their best efforts, many federal agency technology executives struggle to design and execute a transformation strategy from the old paradigm of systems management to a focus on service delivery. The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) was enacted to assist the Federal CIO to achieve those goals, however maintaining compliance can still be a challenge. Download this article to learn how applying service automation can improve operational maturity, which leads to FITARA compliance.

Oracle Flexes Its Infrastructure Muscle in Public Sector

When you think of Oracle, what comes to mind? If you said one of the world's biggest database and business software companies, you'd be correct. In this informative report, hear from seasoned IT executive, Gary Newgaard about the company's venture into becoming a converged infrastructure partner.

Driving Digital Services

Government services are notorious for not being as effective and efficient as possible. The lack of information-sharing, outdated tools and unreliable systems, monolithic practices and stakeholder-centered design all contribute to the inefficiency. Government Agencies are learning that developing and deploying a portfolio of digital services is as much a cultural shift as a technological shift. Download this article to learn more!

Visionary Guide to VM-Aware-Storage

The storage market is noisy. On the surface, storage providers tout all flash, more models and real-time analytics. But under the covers lies a dirty little secret—their operating systems (the foundation of storage) are all the same… built on LUNs and volumes. But now a new category of storage has emerged—with operating systems built on virtual machines, and specifically attuned to virtualization cloud. It’s called VM-aware storage (VAS), and if you’ve got a large virtual footprint, it’s something you need to explore further. Fortunately this guide offers you (the Visionary) a closer look at VAS and the chance to see storage differently.

Mission: Possible! Your Cognitive Future in Government

Big data has been called the new natural resource. And this resource continues to rapidly grow in volume, variety and complexity, particularly in government. Despite the explosive growth of information across industries, less than 1 percent of the world’s data is currently analyzed. How can government organizations bridge the gap between untapped opportunities and current capabilities? The answer is cognitive computing. Cognitive-based systems build knowledge and learn, understand natural language, and reason and interact more naturally with human beings than traditional programmable systems. Download this article to learn more!

GameChanger: Data Analytics Critical for Data Defense

Data analytics has become a first-line defense for federal agencies. Whether it’s identifying fraud and abuse, stopping hackers in their tracks, or enhancing disaster response, using data analytics to better understand what’s happening in the world is a critical function these days. Download this report to read more on how data analytics are essential to effective cybersecurity, including how to find the right solution for your organization.