Energy Dept. makes plans to take its HR system to the cloud

DOE says it is looking to become the first federal agency to launch a fully cloud-based human resources system, and possibly become a shared-services provider in the future.

GAO calls on Energy Department to bolster competition for management contracts

The congressional watchdog learned of industry worries about broadly scoped contracts that potentially shut out small- and medium-sized firms.

Lawmakers want GAO to assess risk of government contractors working for China

A bipartisan pair of lawmakers cited national security risks and warned of significant conflicts of interest over private firms working for both the U.S. and Chinese governments. 

GSA wants nominations for its new FedRAMP committee

The new Federal Security Cloud Advisory Committee, mandated by the FedRAMP authorization bill passed late last year, will offer recommendations on the cloud security assessment program.

NDAA’s cloud cyber-testing provision marks another hefty DOD compliance lift, analyst says 

Section 1553 of the fiscal 2023 defense authorization bill will require all DOD cloud contracts to include provisions that allow the department to access and test systems housing classified data.

OMB streamlines contracting officer training with certification update

The update marks the first change to the certification process since 2014

FDA falls short on IT contract management, watchdog finds

An audit of the agency's IT contract spend found that FDA officials failed to file acquisition information such as contract performance evaluations and competition efforts.

Veterans Affairs unveils draft for $60B T4NG 2 vehicle

But time is short: comments regarding the VA's go-to technology contract are due Friday (Jan. 20).

5 states challenged the federal contractor wage increase and lost

But this may not be the end of the dispute, which stems from an April 2021 executive order.

Inflation costs present both barrier, opportunity for contractors in 2023

With a fiscal 2023 federal budget in-hand, contractors face both the prospect of a robust year and countervailing cost trends, Deltek says. 

Watchdog: Justice Dept. lags on implementing tech, supply chain recommendations

An inspector general's report issued Thursday noted that as of Nov. 30, the department has more than 700 recommendations that had not yet been fully implemented, some more than three years old.

CDC wants real-time data on COVID, flu vaccine effectiveness

The public health agency aims to increase its use of real-time data to track the effectiveness of respiratory vaccines and is looking for possible vendor solutions.

NASA is looking for a vehicle to help deorbit the space station

The space agency is seeking industry information on a potential vehicle that can autonomously guide the International Space Station's controlled reentry in the Earth's atmosphere in 2030.

Justice, DHS receive EIS transition extensions

There are risks associated with the extensions – including the question of whether vendors will be able to provide continued service to the agencies.

GSA's plan to scale up commercial platforms program hits the street

The program currently allows some 40,000 participants across 25 federal agencies to conduct small-scale acquisitions up to $10,000 on platforms like Amazon and Overstock.

VA cancels future deployments of new supply chain management system

The agency’s decision to transition away from using the Defense Department’s supply chain logistics solution comes after lawmakers and the VA’s Office of Inspector General questioned the system’s value.

NGA wants industry info for cloud-based architecture plans

A proposed system would allow the agency to automate how it processes a range of data and shares it throughout the intelligence community.