Hire Your Own Internet Coach

Feeling out of it because you don't know how to navigate the Net? Don't have time to read an Internet manual—even one for dummies? Then try this new on-line user guide.

Internet Coach from Apte Software, Evanston, Ill., is an interactive guide to the Netscape browser and the World Wide Web. It is excellent for new users. It covers many of the crucial details you need to know to do more than just browse the Internet. In just 30 minutes, it will show new users what would otherwise take several hours—if not days—to learn.

Government officials are turning to Internet Coach to give them rudimentary Internet skills. For example, Internet Coach was chosen by the Executive Office of the President as an Internet training tool.

Apte's Internet Coach is available for PCs and Apple Computer Inc. Macintoshes. Installation of the program is straightforward, taking only a few minutes. Once installed, the program takes users through a step-by-step tutorial on the Internet, using the Netscape Navigator interface as a guide.

Users who have never been connected to the Internet or used any on-line service will find Internet Coach very useful. Experienced users may find that the information provided by Internet Coach is too basic for their needs.

Internet Coach makes Netscape Navigator even easier to use. The tutorial thoroughly explains the purpose of every feature available to Netscape users. The software also walks users through the process of following hypertext Web links and creating and storing bookmarks.

Searching the Web is almost always a mystery to new users. Internet Coach provides step-by-step instructions for using search engines that Netscape makes available, such as InfoSeek and Yahoo.

Internet Coach also provides information on Usenet newsgroups, including how they are categorized, how to use Netscape's news reader and how to obtain other news readers. Internet Coach even provides a guide to Usenet news etiquette in its References section. One crucial detail left out of this particular section of the tutorial is that users must first have an NNTP server from which they can read articles.

Internet Coach doesn't require an actual connection to the Internet to run. All the information it uses is stored on your hard disk and brought up from within the program, making for a quick, seamless and trouble-free tutorial.

Future versions of Internet Coach will soon be available for other popular Web browsers, according to Sally de Vincentis, chief executive officer of Apte.

Internet Coach is available from Services and Technology Micro Systems' General Services Administration schedule at $38 for a single user and $154 for 10 users. Call (800) 875-STMS for more information.


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