Exit Paige. Emmett Paige Jr., the ASD/C3I, has no plans on re-upping for a second four years if Clinton wins the election in November. Paige, who spent most of his federal career wearing Army green, said, "I had more influence as general than as ASD/C3I.... I also had more fun as a general." Sergeants probably have even more fun than an ASD/C3I because they don't have to spend a good portion of their time answering to 24-year-old Hill staffers.

* * *

The Infosec muddle. DISA still needs to develop a plan to jump start its $2 billion Infosec pact, held by CSC and SAIC, according to agency director Lt. Gen. Al Edmonds. But, he added, DISA faces a three- to six-month delay because the agency keeps "losing people to industry." The Interceptor has picked up strong signals that Edmonds took SAIC to the woodshed over its continuing raids on DISA Infosec personnel.

* * *

The Air Force really loves Ada. Attempting to soothe the ill feeling created by the Air Force's "New World Vistas" report, which called Ada "irrelevant," Air Force deputy chief of staff John Fairfield told an AFCEA conference last week that the service "did not mean to...terrorize Ada.... We strongly support Ada today, where it is necessary." But, he said, "in the year 2015, let's hope Ada is not mandatory."

* * *

Bosch in Bosnia. Sarajevo is such a city of contrasts it boggled the Interceptor's mind during a recent visit to report on NATO and Army comm and computer systems. How do you best describe a city filled with bullet-riddled buildings that also sports a Bennetton outlet and trendy espresso bars that would fit well in Dupont Circle? A Fellini movie, with overtones of the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, seemed an apt way to capture the flavor of Sarajevo. This was further confirmed by a Navy commander at the COMIFOR mess who said the NATO VTC network linking commands in the theater uses Bosch's "The Garden of Earthly Delights" as a test pattern.

* * *

DISA-PAC in Tuzla. The Interceptor encountered Air Force Master Sgt. Michael Smith deep in a mudhole at the Tuzla, Bosnia, Army base camp, helping install a commercial satellite dish that would hook an IDNX multiplexer into the famed DISN "cloud."

Smith's duty station is DISA-PAC in Hawaii. When asked why someone would leave the temperate climbs of Oahu for the snow, mud and rain of Tuzla, Smith simply answered, "After 20 years in, it's time to give something back."

* * *

Many thanks. The Interceptor would like to recognize the soldiers and civilians from 5th Signal Command, 22nd Sig and NATO CJCCC in Kaposvar, Tuzla and Sarajevo who took the time to tell him about their role in Operation Joint Endeavor.

The Interceptor could not have done it without the support of BG Robert Nabors, CG 5th Sig, and Bill Triplett, that command's outstanding PA chief. Special thanks to his host in Tuzla, Maj. Rick Sirney, S3 of 22nd Sig, who said, "Drop in anytime"; Capt. Doug Mueller of "C," 44th Sig in Sarajevo who provided a bed and a barracks; and Spec. 4 Mike Olney, who provided a much-appreciated sleeping bag as well as green-machine car service.


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