USGS, Caltech seismic data rocks the Internet

Here's a Java applet with a great name: the SeismoCam. Co-developed by the California Institute of Technology and the U.S. Geological Survey, this applet emits real-time seismic data on the Internet. Point your browser to and watch the tremors (see story, this page).

The applet takes in data sent by five seismic data sensors located in Southern California and displays the data in wave form. Users can also replay recent and historical events and view a map of the seismic data sensors.

Dial-Up Library Service

The Government Printing Office has added one more service to the World Wide Web: the Federal Bulletin Board. Previously only available via dial-up connection, the FBB is now accessible at

The site is a free electronic library service of the GPO, offering more than 7,500 documents from more than 25 agencies.

You can still access the site via telnet at or dial-up connection at (202) 512-1387.

Look Up a Colleague

The GSA IT Policy OnRamp, a Web site devoted to making federal information technology policy resources available through the Internet, lists a phone directory of federal information resources management professionals. Access the directory at The site gives no professional titles—just names and phone numbers.

Also at the IT Policy OnRamp—"Movers and Shakers in the Federal IT World." This site, accessible at, provides a bird's-eye view of agencies and organizations that support federal IT initiatives.

The IT Policy OnRamp also provides an on-line resource for the development and use of performance measurement. The site, hosted by the Office of Information Technology within the General Services Administration's Office of Planning, Policy and Evaluation, is located at

Adding On

The White House Web site, at, has added two new resources: The Economic Statistics Briefing Room and the Social Statistics Briefing Room. Access these two rooms by connecting to the opening page of the White House Web site. The rooms offer access to government statistics provided by a number of federal agencies.

Alerts for the Alert

The Computer Emergency Response Team, located on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University, sends out regular computer security bulletins alerting users of newly discovered software vulnerabilities. To subscribe to their bulletin service, send your e-mail address to [email protected]


  • Budget
    Stock photo ID: 134176955 By Richard Cavalleri

    House passes stopgap spending bill

    The current appropriations bills are set to expire on Oct. 1; the bill now goes to the Senate where it is expected to pass.

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    What to look for in DOD's coming spectrum strategy

    Interoperability, integration and JADC2 are likely to figure into an updated electromagnetic spectrum strategy expected soon from the Department of Defense.

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