DISN hornets' nest. The in-fighting over the multibillion-dollar Defense Information Systems Network continues, with the board here at Intercepts Central lighting up with more gossip, rumor, innuendo - and the rare fact - than my processors can handle. It looks like AT&T will keep up the heat for a single, integrated bid (SIB) on transmission vs. DISA's vow to pursue what it calls a cheaper, multiple-contract strategy.

As AT&T lobbyists fan out over Capitol Hill, I hear DISA has finally countered, sending highly trained "truth squads" to try to counter the onslaught. Folks, procurement is hell.

* * *

The Stevens/AT&T connection. The folks over at AT&T say the Interceptor shows his cynical side by assuming there is a connection between the company's recent purchase of the Alaskan phone company (Alascom) and Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) sudden embrace of the SIB.

OK, OK, the guy just wants the best for the warfighter, but I'm even more suspicious of this connection after finding out that AT&T promised to put all the DISN network management centers in Alaska if it wins. (That's a joke, folks.)

* * *

DISA lawyer to White House. Susan Chadick, the DISA general counsel, has decided to leave DISA to work in the White House General Counsel Office, specializing in the Ethics in Government Act.

Carl Smith, the agency's chief regulatory counsel, will take over as acting general counsel, I hear. DISA has also combined the general and regulatory counsels' offices into one new organization.

Some forces of darkness see something sinister in all these moves, somehow related - and what isn't? - to DISN.

* * *

Promotable aide. William Eichenberger, aide to DISA director Lt. Gen. Al Edmonds, appeared at AFCEA wearing new major's oak leaves so shiny I understand BMDO wants to borrow them for an anti-satellite program.

Eichenberger, an Air Force Academy grad, is said to be a real computer whiz. It's amazing that JIEO director Rear Adm. John Gauss hasn't stolen him.

* * *

New ISSAA honcho. Kevin Carroll has taken over as the new Army Information Systems Selection and Acquisition Agency director, the first permanent appointment in the slot since Dave Borland went off to the nirvana of the E-ring as deputy DISC4.

Carroll has a tough act to follow: He has to run PC acquisitions twice as fast (once a year) as Borland but just as clean and protest-free.

* * *

AFCEA warfighter prize. I have a surprise winner this year in the annual AFCEA Support the Warfighter sweepstakes.

Usually the telecom companies - with AT&T in the lead - win the prize for the biggest banners at the AFCEA gabfest proclaiming their support for the warfighter. But the National Security Agency beat 'em all this year with three-story banners, arrayed above a sea of camouflage tents, proclaiming the usually circumspect agency's promise to deliver "Information Systems Security for the Warfighter" and "Solutions for the Warfighter."

If anyone finds out what this means, let the Interceptor know. NSA wouldn't tell me.


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