NPR, GAO at odds over number of action items

The National Performance Review has signed off on 380 of the 1,203 action items on the NPR agenda. In a report to Congress, however, the General Accounting Office challenged a substantial number of those completions, claiming that, in fact, only about 77 percent of NPR's number were actual completions.

Compared with the official wording of the NPR action items, GAO applied a variety of ratings to the disputed 66 items, ranging from a "Partially Implemented" to an "Other" designation where the letter of the item may not have been met but where action taken resulted in something approximate to the final intent of the item.

GAO met almost complete resistance from the intelligence community in its request for information, however. The CIA, for example, refused to give information on 20 of the action items the NPR said had been implemented; GAO was therefore unable to determine the status of those items.


Item Code Item Description GAO Rating

DOD04.03 Executive Order 12615 (Performance Not Implemented

of Commercial Activities) to be - Action Taken

replaced by new order

DOE03.05 Improve the capability of financial Not Implemented

management systems used to control - Action Taken

spending at laboratories and weapons


DOI03.03 Federal Geographic Data Committee Not Implemented

to submit a schedule and funding plan - Action Taken

by Sept. 1994 for completing national

core geospatial data by Jan. 2000

DOI03.05 FGDC should, by June 1994, create a Other (implementation

geospatial data clearinghouse has occurred or action

taken is consistent with letter of item)

DOI11.01 DOI to implement standard practices Other

for electronic communications and an

agencywide data network strategy

DOJ09.01 DOJ should develop a departmentwide Partially Implemented

case management system for tracking

case status and staff productivity

DOT22.02 DOT to develop a resource allocation Other

model and integrate into GIS to better

allocate staff and travel budgets

FM04.05 Issue payments to individuals through Partially Implemented

electronic funds transfer or electronic

benefits transfer

GSA01.02 Allow agencies to choose whether to Partially Implemented

purchase GSA services and fund GSA

service delivery from customer revenue

HUD05.05 HUD should make cost-effective Partially Implemented

investments in financial management

IT12.01 Retain a portion of agency information Not Implemented

technology savings for reinvestment - Action Taken

IT13.03 Require IRM managers to meet Not Implemented

certification standards - Action Taken

IT13.05 Include training as part of all IT contracts Not Implemented

and acquisitions - Action Taken

PROC04.03 Establish a single electronic bulletin Not Implemented

information on contracting

PROC06.06 Identify and eliminate causes of protests Partially Implemented

and improve agency processes

PROC08.05 Identify and test innovative procurement Partially Implemented

strategies that reduce the costs of IT items

PROC12.01 Allow state and local governments, Partially Implemented

grantees and certain nonprofit agencies to

use federal supply contracts

SBA02.02 SBA's administrator should streamline Other

the 8(a) application process to reduce

the amount of time involved


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