State Department. Information technology. Sol. S-OPRAQ-96-R-0608. (CBD, July 3) State intends to issue a request for proposals to purchase information technology, including hardware and software for workstations and local-area networks, along with maintenance and technical support services for more than 200 domestic and overseas activities. Any organization with the technical and management capability to fulfill the requirements specified in this notice is requested to send its electronic-mail address to [email protected] The RFP will be issued via bulletin board and the Internet; no hard copies will be issued. Further instructions will be provided via e-mail before the RFP is issued.

Contact: Paula Compton

State Department, A/IM/RM/MFA

Room 200A, SA-15

Washington, D.C. 20522-1502

(703) 875-6921

General Services Administration. Purchase of telecommunications services for the federal agencies in Columbia, S.C. Sol. 4KTE96LM001. (CBD, July 3) The proposed contract is a 100 percent set-aside for small business concerns. It will provide state-of-the-art integrated analog/digital voice and data local telecommunication switched services with voice-mail capability. The proposed contract includes hardware installation, management, training and maintenance services. The system will support about 1,500 lines with connectivity to various public and private inter-Lata and intra-Lata networks in Columbia, S.C.

Contact: Linda L. Manning

General Services Administration

Federal Telecommunications Services

401 W. Peachtree St., Suite 2700

Atlanta, Ga. 30365-2550

(404) 331-2170

Defense Mapping Agency. Global Positioning System (GPS). Sol. DMA100-96-R-5113. (CBD, July 3) DMA seeks to procure up to 160 dual-frequency, 12-channel (minimum), geodetic-quality GPS receiver systems. Respondents to the solicitation must be capable of providing Precise Positioning Service (PPS) and Standard Positioning Service (SPS) receivers because both versions are required to support the DMA surveying mission. Both PPS and SPS receiver systems must be able to support centimeter-level, real-time and post-processed static and kinematic GPS surveying and meter-level, real-time differential positioning. The offeror must be able to provide all the equipment necessary to permit real-time surveying and positioning.

Contact: Linda Grasso

Defense Mapping Agency


4600 Sangamore Road

Bethesda, Md. 20816-5003

(301) 227-4244/2302

Navy. Data Automated Communications Terminal (DACT). Sol. N0016396R0327. (CBD, July 3) The Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division Indianapolis, is seeking sources interested in the DACT program. A pre-procurement planning conference to discuss the preliminary DACT requirements is tentatively scheduled for July 30. DACT is a subnotebook-size tactical communications terminal. When coupled with application software, DACT will provide users with the capability to receive, store, create, change and transmit map overlays, free-form drawings, tactical messages and situation reports via tactical radios and other tactical data systems. Distinct features of DACT include an embedded Precise Positioning Service GPS receiver and dual-channel tactical communications capability. The dual-channel tactical communications capability must include an analog FSK data interface and a synchronous/asynchronous digital data interface. The tactical communications interfaces must be changeable/programmable by software and be capable of supporting a variety of communications protocols. The projected requirement for DACT is for about 4,000 units over a five-year period. This synopsis is for planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation for bids or proposals.

Contact: Jeffrey C. Rosenberry

Navy, Naval Air Warfare Center

Aircraft Division Indianapolis

6000 E. 21st St.

Indianapolis, Ind. 46219-2189

(317) 306-4626


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