Federal Computer Acquisition Center. Fedsim's Virtual Data Center Services (formerly Fedsim's Data Center Service) Fedcac Project 111. (CBD Sept. 3) Sol. KRF-96-011. As of Aug. 26 the request for proposals as well as the pre-qualification instruction letter have been placed on hold until further notice in order for the government to refine the solicitation.

Contact: D. Jeanne Davis or Lorraine M. GomesFederal Computer Acquisition Center83 Hartwell Ave.Lexington Mass. 02173-3115(617) 860-7138/7123E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Advanced Research Projects Agency. Survivability of large-scale information systems. Sol. BAA96-40. (CBD Aug. 28) DARPA is soliciting proposals for research and technology development related to the survivability of large-scale information systems whose continuous operation is critical to the defense and well-being of the nation. The focus of this broad agency announcement is on the distinct issue of "survivability." Survivability of an information system means that the system as a whole continues to perform its critical functions even when individual elements are compromised. Naturally occurring models of survivable systems are provided by biological organisms populations and societies. This research program uses these examples for metaphors and guidance about how to design survivable information systems.

Research is sought in the following areas: (1) Public health and immune systems. Biological systems have mechanisms for detecting attacks by infectious agents recognizing the spread of infection and developing means to limit the spread of infection and fight off and prevent reinfection. Techniques used range from highly distributed and locally autonomous to hierarchic and centralized. Proposals are sought for research into creating analogous mechanisms for large-scale computational "systems of systems." Areas addressed may include any of the following: intrusion detection diagnosis of the pattern of a coordinated attack mechanisms for obtaining additional information about an attack and mechanisms for secure robust and authenticated coordination and communication among elements of the overall system. Proposed mechanisms must address the issue of how to verify the authenticity of the provider of the response to an attack.

(2) Adaptive architectures for survivable systems. Survivable systems must continue performing their critical functions after sustaining a loss of computational resources and data. Proposals are sought for research into organizing large-scale systems of systems so that remaining resources are preferentially allocated to more important tasks. Solutions may be situated within a distributed object environment in which applications are decomposed into service layers and each service is potentially provided by many servers.

(3) Techniques for creating variability and diversity. In current computational systems there is a high degree of dependence on a small number of operating systems networking environments etc. This means that a single flaw is replicated in virtually all computational elements. Proposals are sought for affordable techniques to engender variability within the computational mix.

Topics are not limited to those outlined above. In order to minimize unnecessary effort in proposal preparation and review proposers are strongly encouraged to submit brief proposal abstracts in advance of full proposals.

Contact: Howard ShrobeDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency3701 N. Fairfax DriveArlington Va. 22203-1714E-mail: [email protected] Wide Web: www.ito.darpa.mil/ Solicitations.htmlFax: (703) 522-7161Navy. Technical engineering support services for modeling and simulation-based warfare analysis. Sol. N00039-96-R-0101(Q). (CBD Aug. 28) The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (Spawar) intends to solicit for a contract to provide technical and engineering services for modeling and simulation-based warfare analysis that provides the basis for decision making with respect to alternative weapons systems command control communications computers intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance systems warfare systems architectures and force structure options. The planned contract will support the chief of naval operations' assessment process including the Joint Mission Area/Support Area (JMA/SA) assessment and the Investment Balance Review (IBR). It will provide analytical engineering management and documentation support to the Spawar Warfare Analysis Modeling and Simulation Program Office.Proposed efforts include: (1) developing and maintaining a standard set of models for use in JMA/SA analyses and analyses performed to support IBR development (2) developing and maintaining databases for use in JMA/SA and other analyses (3) developing scenarios for effectiveness analyses in particular JMA/SAs (4) Performing effectiveness analyses to determine capabilities and cost effectiveness of systems and architectures determining shortfalls and redundancies in existing or planned operational or support capabilities and formulating investment strategies (5) providing support in preparing for conducting and summarizing results from JMA/SA IBR and secretary of the Navy war games/seminars and joint theater-level campaign analyses and integrating the results to develop analytical input for use in the IBR and (6) providing engineering and analytical support for the assessment and transition of advanced technology for use in the investment strategy including defining and documenting methods for the transition of technology options into future architectures for naval joint and allied forces.

Contact: Scott MorrowNavySpace and Naval Warfare Systems Command2451 Crystal DriveArlington Va. 22245(703) 602-0682Army. ADP and telecommunications services. Sol. DAEA32-96-R-0017. (CBD Aug. 28) This is a pre-solicitation notice for non-personal technical support services in support of Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC) elements at Fort Huachuca Ariz. This support will be available to support other Army activities military departments Defense Department agencies and other federal agencies and departments. The objectives to be achieved are: (1) to ensure that newly developed systems and system enhancements exploit state-of-the-art technology are accurate comply with requisite government standards and provide needed service (2) to improve the existing systems' ability to meet functional and user needs and provide more timely and accurate information to all levels of the Army or other organizations supported and to contribute to the implementation of effective policies and procedures.

The types of services supported under this contract will cover but not be limited to the following software-related functions: automated information systems requirements studies and site surveys systems analyses systems design programming and testing new applications maintenance and enhancements to existing software and firmware development and maintenance of documentation for automated systems systems administration user training system installation and operation systems software development quality assurance and configuration management debugging systems conversion systems maintenance systems transition integration services and methodology and other software engineering.

No solicitation is available for release however a draft statement of work is on the ISEC contracting office's electronic bulletin board system (EBBS) at file library 96r0017 file name dsow.exe.Do not request any documents in writing accessing the EBBS automatically places a vendor on the bidders' mailing list.

Contact: Peggy Szymeczek or Sandra K. WildeArmyInformation Systems Engineering CommandContracting OfficeAttn: ASQH-CBuilding 61801 Room 2430Fort Huachuca Ariz. 85613-5000(520) 538-7415 or (520) 533-2232Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Jury Management System (JMS) software. Sol. USCA-96-R-010. (CBD Aug. 30) The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts needs a JMS to support the jury selection and administrative processes for federal district courts. The JMS will provide the ability to create juror databases called master jury wheels from district court source data files. It will also support the creation of qualified wheels from master jury wheels and track manage and calculate payments for jurors. The JMS must be capable of importing a qualified wheel/list from the National Service Center. The JMS must be capable of creating an electronic record in a format that can be read by the court's financial system. The objective is to acquire JMS commercial off-the-shelf software that is unmodified except as required for compatibility requirements with the existing court systems.

Contact: Penny Starliper Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Technology Policy Planning and Acquisition Office1 Columbus Circle N.E.Suite 3-170Washington D.C. 20544(202) 208-7550Air Force. Information warfare. Sol. BAA 96-10-PKRZ. (CBD Aug. 30) Rome Laboratory is soliciting white papers for various studies capabilities and experiments to increase the Air Force's understanding and capabilities in the area of information warfare within the context of global reach/global power. U.S. forces require rapid access to a wide variety of information to perform their missions. The information required must be reliable and specific information tied to planned operations must be protected. Forces must preserve and ensure the integrity of their information from exploitation and corruption while denying delaying or confusing a potential adversary's ability to act in battle.Innovative basic research approaches are being sought in the following areas: (1) information warfare planning functions (2) improved concepts to deny an adversary's ability to decide and act in battle (3) maintaining the integrity and confidence level of U.S. information elements (4) providing the ability to recover from information attacks (5) automated methodologies to determine susceptibilities and vulnerabilities of information systems (6) methods to secure commercial off-the-shelf applications and (7) capabilities to determine what information systems will be attacked.This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. Do not submit a formal proposal at this time.

Contact: Dwayne AllainAir ForceReference BAA-96-10-PKPXRome Laboratory/IWT525 Brooks RoadRome N.Y 13441-4114vThe items included here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space. Full text is available in hard copy from the Government Printing Office.


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