General Services Administration~~~ Noncomplex systems integration services. Sol. GS6KS97BND0003. (CBD Sept. 6) GSA's Federal Telecommunications Service Heartland Region (6KE) is participating in a new national business line called the Federal Acquisition Services for Technology program. As part of this new business line a range of commercial off-the-shelf information technology hardware software and configuration and maintenance services are required. This procurement is set aside exclusively for 8(a) companies. The government anticipates the award of multiple indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity contracts as a result of this solicitation. All 8(a) firms are encouraged to obtain a copy of this solicitation on or after Sept. 24 via the Internet at www.r6.gsa.gov/its/isp/bnd0003.

~ ~Contact: Jim Van Hooser~General Services Administration~Information Technology Service/6KE~1500 E. Bannister Road~Kansas City Mo. 64131-3088~Fax: (816) 823-3322~~Open GIS Consortium Inc. Open geographic information systems specification.~Sol. 1. (CBD Sept. 5) OGC requests industry proposals for open GIS features specifications to implement the features part of the open GIS abstract specification on various distributed computing platforms designed to support transparent access to heterogeneous geodata and geoprocessing resources.

~~Sol. 2. (CBD Sept. 5) OGC is soliciting information from industry to guide the OGC Technical Committee's Earth Imaging Working Group in writing the open GIS imagery part of the open GIS specification which is a software specification for interfaces that enable interoperable geoprocessing.

~~Sol. 3. (CBD Sept. 5) OGC is soliciting information from industry to guide the OGC Technical Committee in writing the open GIS catalog services interfaces portion of the open GIS specification a software specification for interfaces that enable interoperable geoprocessing.

~~Contact: Greg Buehler~Open GIS Consortium Inc.~35 Main St. Suite 5~Wayland Mass.~(812) 829-2248~E-mail: [email protected]~Web: www.opengis.org~~Los Alamos National Laboratory. Basic research work. Sol. IPO-LIC:95-J060. (CBD Sept. 6) The University of California which operates LANL under contract to the Energy Department is soliciting interest from companies wishing to license develop and market a unique technology for the detection of counterfeit currency. The instrument can discriminate among: (1) genuine $100 bills printed during the 1960s and 1970s (2) new genuine $100 bills and (3) the elusive high-grade counterfeit $100 notes printed and distributed in Europe and South America. With further development one can reduce the size of the entire package to fit into a standard briefcase thus making it easily portable for field use.

~ ~Contact: Jerome Jay Garcia ~Industrial Partnership Office~Mail Stop C334~P.O. Box 1663~Los Alamos N.M. 87545~~General Services Administration. Federal Telecommunications Service Wire and Cable Services (WAC) Development Acquisitions Center. Request for information for the installation and removal of inside and outside telecommunications cable facilities. (CBD Sept. 5) GSA's Federal Telecommunications Service is seeking industry comments for the contemplated nationwide WAC project. FTS intends to develop a request for proposals for the design installation removal repair maintenance support and management of inside and limited outside telecommunications cable plant and equipment. The WAC systems may consist of: copper cable shielded and unshielded twisted and flat fiber-optic cable (multimode/single mode) coaxial cable manhole and duct systems multifunction premise distribution systems aerial facilities and cable management systems hardware and software to support fiber-optic networks.

~ ~Contact: Joseph D. Romanelli~General Services Administration~c/o Mitretek Systems Inc. ~7525 Colshire Drive~Mail Stop Z453~McLean Va. 22102~(703) 610-1649~Fax: (703) 610-2810~~Air Force. Computer Image Acquisition and Analysis System (CIAAS). Sol. F33601-96-1970. (CBD Sept. 5) This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation quotations are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. CIAAS is a network-based system centered around a file server currently in place and functioning. Image acquisition stations (IAS) will use video capture boards to digitize images from various sources. These images will then be stored on an existing file server for later use by engineers at their desks. The images will be printed as a part of evaluation reports using a high-end photographic-quality printer. In addition a searchable database of all reports will be stored on the server with text and fill-color images.

~~Contact: P.L. Kendrick~Air Force~Specialized Contracting Division~1940 Allbrook Drive Suite 3~Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ohio~45433-5309~Fax: (513) 257-6390~~Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services. Electronic benefits transfer. Sol. RFP 2843. (CBD Sept. 5) Mississippi seeks a full-service vendor experienced in electronic funds transfer (EFT) technology bank card technology and the installation and operating of a large-scale EFT point-of-sale (POS) system or electronic benefits transfer (EBT) system. This vendor will design develop implement and operate an on-line EBT system in Mississippi to distribute food stamp benefits and Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) as well as provide the framework for additional benefits programs. The vendor will provide transaction processing services initial training of personnel conversion training for about 179 000 food stamp and 49 000 AFDC recipients training for 4 000 retailers with up to 6 600 POS devices telecommunications lines and hook-ups magnetic stripe cards and maintenance. The vendor may also provide a two-finger Automated Fingerprint Identification System with a digitized color photo of each client to aid in preventing duplicate benefits and to ensure that benefits are going to deserving clients.

~~Contact: Mississippi Department~ of Information Technology Services~301 N. Lamar St.~Suite 508~Jackson Miss. 39201-1495~~Commerce Department. Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program. Sol. TAIP3450600632. (CBD Sept. 9) The International Trade Administration's SABIT program needs to develop a standards training program to train about 75 technical and regulatory experts from Russia and the other new independent states of the former Soviet Union in the areas of U.S. government and private-sector processes and procedures for standards development conformity assessment and quality management. The basic qualification requirements are as follows: knowledge of standards certification/testing and quality assurance issues in the United States the ability to coordinate and select private-sector participant/trainers in a training program knowledge of history government demographics and policies in the former Soviet Union and strong organizational administrative and intercultural communications skills. The training program will consist of three groups: telecommunications power generation and food processing and packaging. The National Institute of Standards and Technology will provide the first two weeks of orientation with SABIT overseeing all training and program development.

~ ~Contact: Tracey Miller ~Commerce Department~National Oceanic and Atmospheric~ Administration~Procurement Operations Division~1325 East-West Highway~Station 4301~Silver Spring Md. 20910-3283~~The items included here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space. Full text is available in hard copy from the Government Printing Office.


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