The ASD/C3I hunt - again.

The search for a new ASD/C3I has almost become long enough for a soap opera.

I continue to pick up signals that SecDef William Cohen still likes the bifurcated approach to the job with a deputy assistantship for a CIO (reserved for OMB IT guru Bruce McConnell) and an ASD slot for a C3 honcho. The trouble with that scenario is that it could dilute the status of the CIO - something that does not fit with reforms Cohen masterminded in the Senate.

Meanwhile the two declared candidates - McConnell and former Air Force fighter jock Owen Wormser - continue to make campaign appearances on the AFCEA luncheon circuit cheerfully forking down overcooked grub on a regular basis.

* The Cebrowski card. Vice Adm. Walt Cebrowski the Navy's widget boss has emerged as another likely possibility for the ASD/C3I slot. Either that or he gets a fourth star and his own CINCdom based on signals from the E-ring.

* The Mestrovich move-out. My Court House Road site picked up explosive signals from DISA when deputy director for plans and policy Mike Mestrovich announced he intends to move to OSD to head a new field organization under DepSecDef Paul Kaminski.

The mission of the new OSD organization seems close to Mestrovich's old DISA job - which may explain rumors that DISA told Mestrovich to clear out overnight. The Interceptor heard it took the intervention of a high-ranking OSD official to impose a cease fire on this.

* The Sprint spooknet. DISA quietly awarded Sprint the DISN Classified Network contact last fall according to Air Force Col. John O'Meally the DISN project manager. The National Security Agency was the lead agency on DISN-C according to O'Meally who did not provide any meatier details such as price circuits etc.

Guess that's why they call it "Classified."

* A great Motorola deal too. O'Meally speaking at last week's TeleStrategies Inc. conference in McLean Va. disclosed that DISA also awarded last fall a $163 million contract to Motorola for Iridium LEO service. That contract covers air time handsets and a DOD gateway to the constellation in Hawaii.

* Army quiche? Yep real signal soldiers eat quiche as the Interceptor found out in the award-winning 11th Signal Battalion mess hall at Fort Huachuca Ariz. Wait until those wine-tasting California Marines hear about this one.

* No crabcakes! My Annapolis mobile unit has picked up strong signals that the state of Maryland plans to take legal action to ensure that no crabcakes are served to digit-heads attending next year's Global IT Summit in Northern Virginia.

That's the Global Summit that every IT company in the world - including those from the Republic of Nauru - is invited to attend except those doing business in the Maryland part of the world.


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