Air Transport Association. Research and development for an Aviation Local-Area Network Augmentation System for the Global Positioning System. Sol. AVLAAS-10. (CBD March 6) Several questions were submitted regarding the AVLAAS request for proposals. Answers can be obtained via the Internet/ATA home page (www.air-transport.org). Scroll to `'General Information" and click on "View the AVLAAS RFP." Because of the large response to this solicitation and multiple requests for extensions the response date has been extended to March 14.Contact: Joseph Dorfler

Air Transport Association1301 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. No. 1100Washington D.C. 20004(202) 626-4010Fax (202) 626-4149E-mail: [email protected]

Navy. Research and development. The Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division is soliciting R&D proposals for the concept exploration analysis study and demonstration of technologies related to developing and fielding a next-generation naval gun system for future surface combatants. (BAA) N00178-97-Q-1073. Sol. N00178-97-Q-1073. (CBD March 4) The objective is to demonstrate state-of-the art technologies that will precipitate the successful development of a next-generation naval gun system which will be a fully integrated module including: one or more 155mm gun(s) and the associated fire control an automated or robotic-aided large-capacity magazine and advanced guided projectiles and associated lethal mechanisms. The Navy will entertain the advanced guided projectiles as either part of the fully integrated module or as a separate entity depending upon available alternatives identified through this BAA process. The refining of a future development effort (projected for award by January 1999) will be accomplished as the result of a two-phase BAA approach.

Phase I of this BAA will include concept definition technology assessment (to include risk assessment) and recommendations for technology demonstrations. At the conclusion of Phase I efforts a down-select may occur resulting in limited Phase II options. Only those offerors selected for Phase I will be considered for Phase II options.

This gun system is intended to be modular and fully automated. It should have greatly reduced life-cycle compared with current naval gun systems. Subject areas of interest include but are not limited to mission performance system capability design characteristics logistic support and affordability. The intent is a development effort. It is imperative that intellectual-property issues not preclude the successful of the future development award. Multiple awards are anticipated.

The Navy is taking steps toward implementing electronic commerce in the acquisition arena therefore this BAA synopsis and any applicable amendments will also be available on the World Web Wide at www.nswc.navy.mil under "Procurement Division" or at proc_div.nswc.navy.mil.

Contact: Patricia A. Canciglia or Paul LearnNavyDahlgren DivisionNaval Surface Warfare Center17320 Dahlgren RoadDahlgren Va. 22448-5100(540) 653-7478E-mail: [email protected]

Army. Market survey for firewalls and guards. Sol. 076&&&-9702-0003. (Site Code DAAB07) (CBD March 4) This is a market survey only not a solicitation for bids. The Communications-Electronics Command Communications Security Logistics Activity is conducting a market survey for the Army to determine the identity of companies that can provide commercially available firewalls that include training packages software upgrades a software site license three-year extended warranties installation and site surveys. The commercially available firewalls must meet at a minimum: Fortezza capability packet filtering and application layers proxies access control lists network address translation and encryption.

Contact: Peter Terek or Connie AvalloneArmy Communications-Electronics Com-mand Acquisition CenterAttn: AMSEL-AC-CC-E-CABuilding 61801Fort Huachuca Ariz. 85613(520) 538-8243 or (520) 533-0455E-mail: [email protected]

Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD support services for Neighborhood Networks. Sol. H10R970-001-19. (CBD March 4) This requirement is for training outreach and technical support services. This program will provide educational material and information to the public to assist in development of Neighborhood Networks initiatives for HUD multifamily housing nationwide. This effort will facilitate successful welfare-to-work employment and microenterprise activities. The objective is to broaden outreach efforts technical assistance and partnership development needed to increase the likelihood that Neighborhood Networks centers will be developed in about 15 000 housing developments. This will include organizing and conducting conferences for 750 to 1 000 attendees evaluating and maintaining a Web site and developing and distributing public information.

Contact: Julie Bruce or Janice GuyetteDepartment of Housing and Urban Development Denver ASCSeattle Contracting Branch909 First Ave. Suite 205Seattle Wash. 98104-1000(206) 220-5122Web: www.hud.gov/cts/ctsoprty.html

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board. Interactive voice response interface. (CBD March 7) The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board seeks information about the availability of firms that can provide an interactive voice response system intranet or other interface (hardware and software) that would give it's employees the ability to access information in their own personnel records. The interface solution would also allow the agency's employees to edit and update information elements in the personnel database to which they have authorized access. Those areas would include address open-season health benefits plan enrollments and participation in the Thrift Savings Plan. The proposed interface solution/application must fully interface with IBM Corp. 3090-400J mainframe-based human resources management system software. This is not a solicitation for offers or bids nor is it a request for software development.

Contact: Paul T. AhernU.S. Railroad Retirement BoardPurchasing DivisionRoom 1230844 N. Rush St.Chicago Ill. 60611-2092(312) 751-7130Fax (312) 751-4923

National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Systems engineering services. Sol. NMA202-97-R-0001. (CBD March 4) NIMA is gathering and consolidating systems engineering and integration requirements information that will be used to develop the statement of work for the NIMA Systems Engineering Services procurement. NSES will support the development maintenance and evolution of U.S. imagery and geospatial information systems architecture for current and future NIMA systems engineering integration and implementation from January 1998 through fiscal 2002. A single contract likely will be awarded for virtually all NIMA's systems engineering and integration services requirements. NIMA Business Opportunity Day is March 18 additional information will be available then.

Contact: Robert L. FergusonNational Imagery and Mapping AgencyPCS/D-884600 Sangamore RoadBethesda Md. 20816-5003(703) 808-0952Fax (703) 808-0948E-mail: [email protected]: www.nima.milThe items included here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space. Full text is available in hard copy from the Government Printing Office.


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