Gauss far from gone.

The DISA GCCS and GCSS czar Rear Adm. John Gauss finds rumors of his imminent departure laughable. To those who believe - or wish - he would retire Gauss pointed out that he has not yet spent three years in grade as an 0-7 and he plans to hang around at least long enough for that. Besides he just moved into digs befitting an admiral at Courthouse Road. His new office is festooned with some interesting decorations - starting with an FCW cartoon by Rich Tennant and a mounted platter from a dead WWMCCS machine.

To those who believe - or hope - the Navy has passed him over for promotion thus ensuring his forced retirement Gauss poked holes in that too. This is his first trip to the two-star board Gauss said and he rates another. He does not know the identity of "those" spreading all the rumors but he has a hunch he would encounter them by driving west from the Pentagon in the general direction of IT centers in suburban Herndon Va. and thereabouts.

* Forbes flat but not out. DISN project director Col. Marlin Forbes had back surgery last month but he keeps in touch with far-flung DISA outposts via e-mail with and without attachments. Just another reason to love computers: They allow organizations to eke work out of people on sick leave. Forbes plans a quick return to the office only to retire this summer.

* The DISC4 dance. It looks like Lt. Gen. Otto Guenther the Army's DISC4 will retire this summer with the handicappers already evaluating his potential successor. Right now it looks like Maj. Gen. Gerald Brohm Cecom's commander has the inside track for the job following the Fort Monmouth-to-Pentagon trail taken by Guenther.

* Parts 'R Us. That's as good a way as any to describe the Sysorex PC-2 catalog which offers unbelievable deals on peripherals. Check this out: Win95 for $43! A CD-ROM four-platter changer for $113! Mrs. Interceptor hopes Carleton "Crazy Eddie" Jones will let her buy the 17-inch color monitor at the contract price of just $345! What a deal!

* The Northern Virginia olive branch. Last week an image therapist working for the World IT Congress slated next year for Northern Virginia called to let me know that despite rumbles to the contrary Maryland residents and widget firms would not need special dispensation to attend. She followed up with a statement from James Puissant the congress' executive director and CEO who said "The World Congress will continue to seek sponsorship involvement from Maryland and other regional firms and welcomes participation from any and all IT leaders."

* Too close? If the Pentagon installs any more satellite dishes in Wahiwa Hawaii - the latest DOD gateway for the Iridium constellation - it might as well paint a bull's eye on the site. Where is Marine Sgt. Herbierto Gonzalez who yelled to the Interceptor and his pals in Vietnam "Don't bunch up one round will get you all.


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