Portable-2open forbusiness

Government Technology Services Inc. and Sysorex Information Systems Inc. are open for business on the Army's Portable-2 program which had been suspended since December by protests.

The General Accounting Office earlier this month denied protests filed by International Data Products Corp. and Commax Technologies Inc. a move that cleared GTSI and Sysorex to ship products. The $236 million pact was awarded to GTSI and Sysorex on Dec. 16. The protests were filed in late December [FCW Jan. 6].

With the protest hurdle cleared GTSI is targeting customers with products including a hardware/software bundle based on an Everex Systems Inc. 150 MHz Pentium notebook. The hardware platform is an Everex StepNote notebook with 32M of RAM 1.35G hard disk 10X CD-ROM 256k cache and a 12.1 active-matrix display. The bundle also includes Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 95 and Office 97 a PC Card 28.8 kilobit/sec modem two batteries and a carrying case. The bundle is priced at $2 850.

Patty Bortz GTSI's program manager on Portable-2 said the bundle offers "more of a total solution."

Brad Mack GTSI's director of Defense programs said his company's main thrust on Portable-2 is to provide "practical mobile solutions" at the lowest prices with fast delivery. Mack said GTSI will ship the Everex bundle within 72 hours.

Sysorex meanwhile is offering Pentium notebooks from IBM Corp. and AMS Technologies. Sysorex's high-performance configuration features an IBM ThinkPad 760E with a 150 MHz Pentium processor 16M of RAM expandable to 104M a 2.1G removable hard disk drive 6x CD-ROM drive and a 12.1-inch XGA TFT display. The product also includes data and fax modem capability (28.8 kilobit/sec for data and 14.4 kilobit/sec for fax). The configuration is priced at $4 460.

Sysorex's base configuration is AMS Technologies' TravelPro 185CT which includes a 133 MHz Pentium chip a 12.1-inch SVGA-TFT display 16M of RAM expandable to 64M a removable 1.083G hard drive and a PC Card reader among other features. The notebook is priced at $2 250.

In a written statement Carleton S. Jones president of Sysorex said "We are delighted to learn that GAO has denied the protests against the Army Portable-2 contract awards to Sysorex and GTSI."

Steve Levers controller at Commax said the company is reserving the option of taking additional legal action but has no immediate plans for doing so.

IDP officials could not be reached for comment.


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