Lotus enhances client, server groupware

Lotus Development Corp. announced new versions of its Notes client and Domino server products that include support for Java World Wide Web-based administration and new Internet protocols.

Announced last week were Domino 4.6 the company's messaging and applications server Domino Mail 4.6 an Internet mail server Go Webserver 5.0 a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Web publishing server and Notes 4.6 client for Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 95 and Windows NT.

The pre-release of the Notes client can be downloaded for free from Lotus' Web site at www.lotus.com/notes. All other products will be available later this summer.

Check the Schedule

Later this year the products will be added to the company's General Services Administration schedule and to other government contracts that currently offer Lotus Notes such as the Army's Portable-2 and PC-2 the Navy's PC LAN+ and the Department of Veterans Affairs' Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software.

Domino 4.6 adds support for the Internet Message Access Protocol 4 (IMAP 4) for client-to-server access and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for client-to-directory access and it enables administrators to issue and manage X.509 certificates for application and mail security. It also provides more Java integration is easier to set up and use and allows administrators to manage a Domino server from a browser.

"Java integration security [and] additional client support...are features that let you build richer applications and get more value from your server " said Angela Finney product marketing manager for the Domino server at Lotus. "These new features cut across segments and are interesting to any segment " including the government market she said.

The Notes 4.6 client now comes with Post Office Protocol 3 support that allows users from a single mail file to access work or home mail through an Internet service provider. POP 3 is the only standard that currently allows different mail clients to connect to different mail servers. Notes 4.6 allows users to group related applications on a single screen and download information from the Web and read it later off-line.

"If users want IMAP 4 and POP 3 support then these are huge updates " said Mark Levitt research manager for electronic messaging at International Data Corp. "Lotus is finishing up what was started with Domino 4.0 by adding Internet and messaging protocol support."

Domino Mail 4.6 is targeted at users who want chat calendaring scheduling and messaging applications whereas Domino 4.6 is targeted at users interested in developing customized applications for the Internet.

Go Webserver and Domino Mail were IBM Corp. products that have been updated and branded as Lotus products. Lotus "repackaged" its products to be more appealing to users Levitt said. "What they're saying is if you need messaging then buy a [Domino] Mail server it's cheaper than a Domino server. Or if all you want is Web publishing then get Go Webserver."

Government users should be interested in support for LDAP Levitt added. "LDAP is supported by most X.500 directories which are familiar to government users."


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