Compaq unveils new NT workstations

Compaq Computer Corp. last week unveiled its Compaq Professional Workstation 6000 and Professional Workstation 8000 models.

The Professional Workstation 6000 supports up to two 266 MHz or 300 MHz Pentium II processors with a 512K cache and up to 512M of memory. The Professional Workstation 8000 is powered by up to four 200 MHz Pentium Pro processors with a 512K cache and up to 3G of memory. The workstations ship with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

The workstations soon will be added to the General Services Administration schedule according to a Compaq spokeswoman. The Professional Workstation 6000 line will be priced from $4 145 to $8 236 and the Professional Workstation 8000 will range from $10 909 to $13 418.


IntraActive releases InTandem 3.0

IntraActive last week announced the latest version of its InTandem World Wide Web-based collaboration product.

InTandem 3.0 which the Navy will be using to build an extranet is a thin-client product that scales from 20 to 20 000 users. The product's features include calendaring group discussion news contact management and database searching that can be accessed and manipulated without Hypertext Markup Language. The product uses security and preference profiles to filter all the information users receive allowing users to obtain only the customized data.

InTandem 3.0 is compatible with any client browser Unix or Microsoft Windows NT servers and Web servers from Oracle Corp. and Netscape Communications Corp. Washington D.C.-based IntraActive has applied to have the product included on the General Services Administration schedule contract and it is in discussions with several federal resellers for distribution of the product.

The Naval Sea Systems Command's aircraft carrier group has developed a browser-based data mining application with InTandem software. As part of that system the browser searches databases for information about ships personnel and finance and then extracts it and presents it to users in an easy-to-use format.


EDS PC Docs form alliance

Electronic Data Systems Corp. recently agreed to become an integrator for PC Docs Corp. Burlington Mass. a maker of document management software.PC Docs' federal customers include the Justice Department the General Accounting Office and the Fish and Wildlife Service. Martha Turner the company's director of federal systems said working with EDS would provide PC Docs with "the large system and global reach which has been difficult to achieve without them."


Spyrus to market Fortezza without escrowed key system

Spyrus announced last week that the government has authorized the San Jose Calif.-based concern to market its Fortezza encryption cards without the controversial escrowed key system originally mandated by the government.The Lynks Privacy Card which features robust Fortezza encryption is designed to allow users to secure high-value transactions over the Internet and intranets. The credit card-size products are in production and are available immediately for commercial and government customers for PC and laptop applications.

The move comes after the Defense Department's February announcement that it would remove government key escrow software - which provides built-in law enforcement access to a mechanism to unscramble encrypted data - from the Fortezza cards. The cards are one of the core components of the Defense Message System which will be deployed to 2 million DOD users.

The Lynks Privacy Card provides access control and user authentication as well as authentication and confidentiality of message content company officials said. When integrated with the Secure-Web Documents product from Terisa Systems the card also can digitally sign and encrypt documents. Spyrus announced last month its intention to acquire Terisa pending shareholder approval.


Tally Systems available on USCG pact

Tally Systems Corp.'s asset management software has been added to the Coast Guard's Standard Workstation II pact held by Unisys Corp.'s Federal Systems Division. Tally Systems' Cenergy products - NetCensus for automatic PC inventory CentaMeter for software license metering and WinInstall for electronic distribution - are available on the contract. The company's asset management products also are offered on the Air Force's Desktop V and Integration for Command Control Communications Computers and Intelligence as well as the Justice Department's Justice Consolidated Office Network.


Wang debuts Tempest DeskJet

Wang Laboratories Inc. last week introduced a Tempest DeskJet color printer a Tempest-compliant version of Hewlett-Packard Co.'s DeskJet 1600C printer.Wang's Tempest color ink-jet printer includes 4M of resident memory 45 internal scalable fonts a 100-sheet/10-envelop multipurpose tray a 180-sheet plain-paper input tray and a 100-sheet plain-paper output tray.


Xylan switches chosen for Navy Program

Xylan Corp. recently announced that its switching product has been selected for the Navy's SmartShip program.

The SmartShip program is intended to reduce shipboard personnel requirements through the use of technology.


- Compiled by Elana Varon Heather Harreld and John Moore.


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