* Quo Vivid? Summer doldrums and vacation seem the latest causes for delay in the award of the Navy's $1.5 billion Voice Video and Data contract. Bidders AT&T Bell Atlantic GTE and Lucent anticipated an award July 16 from the almost-defunct NISMC and now they expect an award on or before July 31. The reason: More than one bidder says a key player either in Marv Langston's CIO shop or Vice Adm. Art Cebrowski's N6 organization decided to head for the mountains or the beach rather than deal with inside-the-Beltway contracting issues in the oppressive heat and smog.

* Results made simple. The Government Performance and Results Act now requires agencies to report annually on how they meet the requirements of their mission. The Senate Appropriations Committee really simplified this for DOD in its report on the 1998 Pentagon spending bill. The "most important" performance measure for the Pentagon "is deterrence " the committee said noting with some satisfaction the current "absence of hostilities [which] reflects the success of force readiness and modernization initiatives."

Following this line of logic the FAA is also a success because airplanes are not crashing into each other and Treasury is a success because the country has not declared bankruptcy.

* Out of the black. I just love reading congressional reports. The Senate Appropriations Committee's DOD report partly revealed a "black" Navy intelligence program called Reef Point. The report indicated that Reef Point must be a specialized proj-ect because it consists of only four aircraft two of which have aging airframes. A Web search popped up three hits: two from a DARO RFP dealing with improved tactical data links systems and one from a private outfit which said the Reef Point squadron consists of four P3Cs.

John Pike a Defense analyst at the Federation of American Scientists said he has never seen Reef Point mentioned in open source literature before and quickly planned to add the Senate info to his online database. * JIEO switch. Air Force Brig. Gen. Gary Salisbury officially took over the JIEO leadership at DISA last week from Rear Adm. John Gauss who plans to take an Alaskan cruise and officially check out of DISA on Aug. 4 for a new and as yet unspecified assignment at Navy N6.

* Octopus revisited. Proving that summer is definitely the silly season a new book has been published in France on the Inslaw case a story that occupied many of us here at FCW a decade ago. The case originally involved a dispute over software that Inslaw developed for the Justice Department but it has now grown into an octopus of a yarn that includes everything from the Iran hostage crisis to the suicide of White House counsel Vincent Foster all detailed in the book L'Oeil De Washington. Book co-author Fabrizio Calvi summed up the case and the book saying "All that's missing is UFOs." Wait till he finds out that the Pentagon once again declared the Roswell UFOs just balloons.


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