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Library of Congress. Storage management software. Sol. RFI97-4. (CBD Aug. 6) The Library of Congress is requesting information about currently available or soon to be available high-capacity high-performance storage management software which can be used with multiple IBM Corp. RS/6000 AIX-based servers and includes backup/recovery archive/ retrieve and hierarchical storage management functions. The software should scale in capacity from one terabyte up to multiple petabytes of data storage. The information provided should include the supported server host specifications supported clients minimum and maximum data storage capacities network connection capabilities data-migration and caching-mechanism features and supported storage and robotic library devices that use SCSI and/or fiber host connections. In addition the information provided should include an estimated cost or a published price for the proposed system. This is a request for information and should be considered market research. Contact: Kaye KlinkerThe Library of CongressContracts & Logistics Services1701 Brightseat RoadLandover Md. 20785(202) 707-8608E-mail: [email protected]: www.loc.gov

Army. Limited seamless communications between Combat Service Support (CSS) Standard Army Management Information Systems (Stamis) and Combat Service Support Control System (CSSCS) workstations. Sol. DAAB07-97-R-D087 (CBD Aug. 6) The Communications-Electronics Command (Cecom) Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate Fort Monmouth N.J. is seeking innovative solutions that will enable controlled data flow between the sensitive-but-unclassified Stamis systems and high-security CSSCS workstations. The goal is to gather information and test any readily available solutions. It should be noted that this market survey does not constitute a solicitation and should not be construed as a commitment to test evaluate or purchase any products. The CSSCS collects analyzes and disseminates critical CSS information to support the function of command control and resource management. Stamis is composed of equipment designed to manage CSS operations and pass CSS information. Information transfers between CSSCS and Stamis is an existing Army requirement.Contact: Bonnie Hegarty ArmyAttn: AMSEL-RD-ST-SY-IS Cecom Acquisition Center Fort Monmouth N.J. 07703-5008(908) 427-3974E-mail: [email protected]

Army. COTS benefits software program for administration of employee benefits. (CBD Aug. 6) The Army Medical Life Fund operating through the Army Community and Family Support Center Employee Benefits Branch is seeking information from potential sources who can provide a commercial off-the-shelf benefits-software program - 80 percent off-the-shelf and a maximum of 20 percent customized - for administration of employee benefits. The Employee Benefits Branch currently provides administration of benefits for about 17 000 employees of 120 employers and in the future may be responsible for up to 100 000 employees. In addition to providing the software and the customization the offeror will need to convert the existing data. The system provided should be able to use one-time calculations as well as apply routine calculations. It must interface with the hardware and software currently owned by the Employee Benefits Branch. The system must be equipped to provide a microfilm index of records location. It also must be able to provide calculations on many of the fields within the software system and provide various documentation - including letters reports certificates invoices and statements. This is not a solicitation.Contact: Joanie NewhartArmyCommunity Family and Support Center2760 Eisenhower Ave.Alexandria Va. 22314(703) 325-5032Fax: (703) 325-1412

Army. Global satellite communicators with integrated GPS. Sol. DASG62-97-R-0009. (CBD Aug. 5) The synopsis/solicitation published on July 14 is canceled and replaced by the following solicitation for commercial items. The offeror will provide 40 global satellite communicators with integrated Global Positioning System. Each communicator should have six graphic navigation displays and a full-featured track plotter. It should store 200 user-defined waypoints and five reversible routes with up to 15 legs. Each unit must have position accuracy up to 15 meters. There should be a menu-driven interface with soft keys storage for 100 messages and 150 addresses and the ability to create forward and reply to e-mail messages. Each unit should not exceed about 37 ounces and 8 by 3.5 by 1.75 inches. Technical capability will be the most important evaluation factor with schedule and past performance being of equal importance.Contact: Chris RomeroArmy Space CommandAttn: MOSC-SC1670 N. Newport RoadColorado Springs Colo. 80916-2749(719) 554-8837

-- The items included here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space. Full text is available at cbdnet.access.gpo.gov.


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