Langston ponders move to DARPA

Navy chief information officer Marvin J. Langston is considering a position at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as director of information systems. Langston's office confirmed that he is talking with DARPA about the job and expects to decide by Oct. 1. An assistant to Langston described the DARPA position as "in keeping with his education and military background" but said Langston has not made a final decision.

In addition to his duties as CIO Langston also serves as the Navy's assistant secretary of Defense for command control communications computers intelligence electronic warfare and space programs.


GSA takes .gov domain management

The General Services Administration's Center for Electronic Messaging Technologies now has management and registration authority of the .gov domain name. The .gov domain name is essentially the Internet's recognized "gateway" to the federal government.

The CEMT takes over the responsibility from the Federal Networking Council which managed the .gov domain and Network Solutions Inc. which administered the registration through an agreement with the National Science Foundation. While almost anyone can register for the .com .net or .org domain the .gov and .edu domains have strict restrictions.


Clinton pledges action on Y2K problems

President Clinton last week promised the government's best efforts in addressing the Year 2000 problem before government services that rely on federal computer systems can be disrupted by the date change.

"We can't have the American people looking to a new century and a new millennium with their computers - the very symbol of modernity and the modern age - holding them back and we're determined to see that it doesn't happen " Clinton said.

Clinton made the remarks in ceremonies announcing the White House Millennium Project a multiple-year initiative to mark the beginning of the 21st century. Some of the goals of the project include connecting every classroom and library to the Internet by 2000 ensuring that precious documents survive into the next millennium and launching new robotic missions to Mars.


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