Federal Network Contract Guide

FTS 2000* Agency: General Services Administration* Available: Governmentwide* Vendors: AT&T and Sprint

* Value/Ceiling: $4 billion

* Duration: Awarded in December 1988. The contract will expire in December 1998 but a delayed recompete may extend the contract one year or longer.

* Contact: Web www.fts.gsa.gov* Offerings: Switched voice switched data service packet-switched service and video transmission service. Commerce Internet Electronic Mail Access (CINEMA)

* Agency: GSA

* Available: Governmentwide

* Vendors: BTG Inc. and Advantis

* Value/Ceiling: $600 million

* Duration: Awarded in April 1997 with a two-year base and three one-year options.

* Contact: Web www.fts.gsa.gov phone GSA: (703) 904-2838 BTG: (888) 883-2662 Advantis: (800) 588-5808

* Offerings: Internet services including SMTP e-mail Web browsing electronic commerce products using X.12 EDIFACT. Defense Message System

* Agency: Defense Information Systems Agency* Available: Governmentwide* Vendor: Lockheed Martin Corp.

* Value/Ceiling: $499 million IDIQ

* Duration: Awarded in May 1995 five option years remain.* Contact: Web www.lmdms.com phone Program Office: (800) 551-7964

* Offerings: Three varieties of e-mail software end-to-end integration PCs workstations and servers. Federal Wireless Telecommunications Services

* Agency: GSA

* Available: Governmentwide and state and local government agencies.

* Vendor: GTE Government Services

* Value/Ceiling: $300 million* Duration: Awarded in November 1996 it will expire in 2005.

* Contact: Web www.fedwire.com

* Offerings: Integrated nationwide cellular voice and data service covers wireless service to all 50 states and territories. Washington Telecom Project (Tempo)

* Agency: Defense Telecommunications Service* Available: All DOD agencies in the National Capital Region.

* Vendor: Bell Atlantic Federal Systems

* Value: $610 million

* Duration: Awarded a 10-year contract in November 1991.

* Contact: Web www.bell-atl.com phone (703) 816-4205

* Offerings: Data networking including LAN WAN Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS) FDDI Network Services (FNS) and ATM service equipment to support ISDN applications such as screen sharing modem pooling telecommuting and videoconferencing. Washington Interagency Telecommunications System^ (WITS)

* Agency: GSA

* Available: Civilian federal agencies in the National Capital Region.

* Vendor: Bell Atlantic Federal Systems

* Value/Ceiling: $814 million

* Duration: Awarded a 10-year contract in January 1989.

* Contact: Web www.fts.gsa.gov

* Offerings: 1A2 key equipment ISDN CPE circuit-switched data/video Integrated Services Digital Network lines analog lines and electronic key equipment.(^ GSA also offers contracts for other regions.) Digital Switched Systems Modernization Program

* Agency: Army

* Available: Governmentwide

* Vendors: Bell Atlantic Federal Systems Engineering and Professional Services Inc. GTE Government Systems Halifax Corp. Harris Corp. Litton/PRC Inc. Lucent Technologies Inc. Siemens Corp. Southwestern Bell Telecom Italia and WilTel Communications

* Value/Ceiling: $1 billion

* Duration: Awarded a 10-year IDIQ contract in July 1997.

* Contact: Web www.monmouth.army.mil/isma/dcass/dssmp

* Offerings: Full range of infrastructure products and services including LAN services wireless products and ATM switches. Voice Video and Data Contract (Vivid)

* Agency: Navy

* Available: Throughout DOD and the Coast Guard

* Vendors: Lucent Technologies Inc. GTE Government Services

* Value/Ceiling: $2.9 billion fixed-price IDIQ* Duration: Awarded in July 1997 will expire in 2007 the final two years are for services only.

* Contact: Web www.lucent.com/vivid phone Lucent: (888) VIVID-4-U

* Offerings: ATM network switches digital switching systems LANs and enterprise networks firewalls and project management. Telecommunications Integrator Services (Telis)

* Agency: Energy Department

* Available: Governmentwide

* Vendor: Electronic Data Systems Corp.

* Value: $600 million

* Duration: Awarded a five-year contract in April 1997.

* Contact: Web www.gsa.gov/fedcac/

* Offerings: 15 000 products services include network engineering installation and operations includes voice data and video technology. Unified Local-Area Network Architecture II

* Agency: Air Force

* Available: Governmentwide

* Vendors: Electronic Data Systems Corp. and TRW Inc.

* Value/Ceiling: EDS: $579 million TRW: $634 million

* Duration: Awarded December 1994 EDS' portion will expire in 1999 TRW's portion will expire in 2001.

* Contact: Web w3.af.mil/ulana (Contains links to vendors' sites.)

* Offerings: Hardware software and services for LANs and enterprise networks. PC LAN +

* Agency: Navy

* Available: Governmentwide

* Vendor: Electronic Data Systems Corp.

* Value: $575 million

* Duration: Awarded October 1995 will expire February 1999.

* Contact: Web www.chips.navy.mil/idiq/pclan2/pclan2.htm phone EDS hot lines: (800) 241-2143 Ext. 3041 or (800) 762-3371

* Offerings: Hardware software and services for LANs and enterprise networks includes support. International Direct Distance Dialing

* Agencies: GSA and DISA

* Available: Governmentwide. DOD users access the service through DISA civilian agencies access it through GSA.

* Vendor: AT&T

* Value: $50 million

* Duration: Awarded a two-year contract with three one-year options in July 1997.

* Contact: Web www.fts.gsa.gov

* Offerings: International telecommunications services data and wideband information transfer services will be added. VA BPA

* Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs* Available: Governmentwide* Vendor: Datatrac Information Services Inc.

* Value/Ceiling: $1 billion

* Duration: Awarded August 1997 expires March 31 1999.

* Contact: Web www.datatrac-dc.com

* Offerings: PCs LAN/WAN software telemedicine and video teleconferencing services.


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