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M&A Technology's fed business blooms Dallas-based integrator M&A Technology Inc. is flush with federal government business this year following a recent block-buy workstation win from NASA's Johnson Space Center and the addition of a General Services Administration contract. M&A which designs and manufactures computer workstations and file servers under the Manda name also has opened a federal sales office in McLean Va. to support its blossoming federal sales business. The company which posted no federal government sales until this year has seen revenue of $15 million year-to-date from federal sales according to Kevin Jackson M&A's vice president of sales and marketing.

M&A which is a Small Business Administration-certified small disadvantaged business this summer was awarded two block-buy contracts for PCs from JSC for a total of 1 500 workstations. In the past two years the company has won four out of six JSC cost/performance workstation bids and it now supplies 25 percent of the center's workstations.

Unisys Federal picks up data access tool

Unisys Federal Systems Division McLean Va. announced last week it would resell a tool from ICL Inc. Reston Va. that gives users access to data on legacy systems.

ICL Dialogue Manager Plus will give PC users a single graphical user interface to data on mainframe-class servers from Unisys Corp. IBM Corp. Amdahl Corp. and Digital Equipment Corp. and on large Unix servers. The GUI can be based on either Microsoft Corp.'s Windows or on an Internet browser.

ICL Dialogue Manager Plus merges technology from ICL Dialogue Manager which provides a front end to IBM Digital and Unix systems and from Unisys which had developed a PC-based GUI for access to its own 2200 Series.

NSA approves Milkyway firewall

Milkyway Networks Corp. announced Oct. 21 that a security accreditation its Black Hole 3.01 firewall received from the Canadian government has been recognized by the National Security Agency and added to the U.S. agency's evaluated products list.

This is the first non-U.S. government-evaluated product to receive recognition by NSA under a new agreement between Canada's Communications Security Establishment and NSA. CSE which has the same mandate in Canada that NSA has in the United States recently certified that Milkyway's Black Hole Unix firewall met or exceeded all the requirements for the Common Criteria.

The Common Criteria is an international standard developed by the United States Canada England Germany and the Netherlands to set a new standard for enterprise network security.

NSA's evaluated-products system is a list of security products that have been evaluated by the U.S. government as to the degree of trust that can be placed in them. The list is used by many U.S. military and government agencies when selecting security products.

Secure Computing introduces remote-access firewall

Secure Computing Corp. this week launched its new remote-access firewall with integrated virtual private network capabilities and iPASS server software.

BorderWare Firewall Server 5.0 is designed to provide organizations with a turnkey solution for securing remote encrypted access to their internal network via the Internet.

With the integration of iPASS Virtual Network Access Server remote users are able to access their corporate network through the Internet with a local phone call according to Secure Computing officials. Through established relationships with Internet service providers worldwide iPASS allows remote users to obtain Internet access by dialing into a local service provider thus eliminating the need for costly long-distance and 800-number services. In addition the administration of multiple dial-up lines is not necessary with access being provided via the Internet.

Army awards ESR firewall BPA

The Army has awarded an $11 million blanket purchase agreement to Electronic Systems of Richmond Inc. Richmond Va. to provide firewalls to the Defense Department and other federal agencies.

The BPA awarded by the Army's Electronics Command Communications Security Logistics Activity will provide the government with Defense Message System-compliant products and services designed to secure the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network.

The company's BPA includes the services required for products developed by Raptor Systems Inc. Trusted Information Systems Inc. V-ONE Corp. Telemate Inc. Internet Security Systems Inc. Isolation Systems Inc. and World-Talk Corp.

Realm announces CD-ROM server

Realm Information Technologies Norcross Ga. announced plans to ship a software-only version of its CD-ROM server Universal S-1 Server on Dec. 1 the company will cease bundling the package with accompanying hardware. Version 1.5 of the software adds a built-in firewall along with World Wide Web-based search and management tools.

The Defense Logistics Agency the Army Corps of Engineers and the Air Force Reserve recently purchased the bundled version of the package. The agencies were customers of the now-defunct Computer Business Information Systems Inc. whose CD-Connection product line Realm took over when it was formed last year.

Mark Finlayson the vice president of sales and marketing with Realm said the software will be sold through original equipment manufacturers and resellers.


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