* IT-21 ahoy.

My Courthouse Road stealth unit has picked up very strong signals that DISA technical director Frank Perry plans to join his former colleague Rear Adm. John Gauss at the Space and Naval Warfare Command this spring to help with the rapid deployment of the Navy's IT-21 project.

Reports of this move make a lot of sense: Gauss and Perry go back a long way to the days they were cube-mates at the Naval Postgraduate School. They worked together on JMCIS and at DISA they teamed up to kill off the World Wide Military Command and Control System. Working at Spawar on IT-21 - a project with buzz money and solid backing - sure beats filling sand bags on Courthouse Road.

* Campaign time again.

I hear that Bruce McConnell OMB's chief of information policy is in the running for the Navy's CIO slot which was opened up by Marv Langston's departure for DARPA.

McConnell as Intercept fans well remember pursued the DOD CIO job until the latest reorganization put it at the DepSecDef level.

I don't know whether Owen Wormser the other DOD CIO candidate has decided to take a run at the Navy job but my E-ring sources tell me the Navy has also interviewed Ron Elliott a longtime Marine Corps systems pooh-bah and now director of the Intelligence Systems Secretariat.

Right now it looks like McConnell has the inside track with my Lafayette Park antenna site reporting that McConnell has already picked up strong White House support and Navy Secretary John Dalton is close to anointing McConnell based on this backing.

Only time will tell whether all this jockeying was worth the effort: The Interceptor knows some folks in uniform who view the CIO job as having even less value than what John Nance Garner put on the vice presidency.

* Does Cohen know Cohen?

That's a question increasingly asked by Pentagon watchers as they ponder the lack of attention paid by Defense Secretary William Cohen to the IT management reforms legislated by former Sen. William Cohen.

Could it be that DOD's Cohen has discovered it is far easier to legislate change than to manage it? Maybe the two Cohens should take a meeting over the holidays to work all this out.

* Rumor Central.

Last week's AFCEA gala at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. - which the Interceptor attended in tux cowboy boots and black derby - proved such fertile ground for rumors that I need a supercomputer to sift through them.

Electronic Data Systems seemed to be at the nexus of many of these rumors with the following scenarios posited: a purchase of EDS Federal by Computer Sciences Corp. the sale by EDS of certain key federal contracts such as ULANA II and PC LAN+ to unidentified buyers an AT&T acquisition of all of EDS and/or a purchase of CSC by AT&T.

Whew. All this was offered up over the prime beef in just less than 15 minutes by folks who barely stopped to breathe. The image therapist department at the EDS Federal spaceship in Herndon Va. discounted these reports as ridiculous.


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