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Customs awards OCR pacts

The Customs Service has awarded Cornet Inc., Springfield, Va., and Hi-Tech International, Arlington, Va., contracts to supply electronic document readers to the agency. Customs is expected to purchase up to 5,000 devices to scan travel documents.

Federal Sources Inc. estimated the buy to be worth $38 million— one of the largest federal purchases of optical character recognition technology— but Customs did not attribute a specific dollar value to the indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract.

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DOD certifies ForeMost as compliant with new record-keeping requirements

The Defense Department has certified ForeMost 6.3, from Provenance Systems Inc., as compliant with the new functional requirements for electronic record-

keeping systems.

The software, which can be used with popular e-mail systems and several document management and workflow applications that are used by federal agencies, is the first of several packages to pass Defense records-management tests.

DOD expects to certify other software packages during the next several weeks. The testing procedure is designed to provide agencies with a choice of software that is acceptable for them to use to catalog, archive and dispose of their records.

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Security company upgrades real-time network-intrusion product

Axent Technologies Inc. last week announced a major upgrade to its real-time network intrusion detection solution.

Rockville, Md.-based Axent, which last year was tapped to deploy its Intruder Alert and Security Manager products to more than 100 Air Force bases worldwide, has added pre-configured intrusion scenarios in its Intruder Alert 3.0 product.

Intruder Alert is designed to use a real-time manager/agent architecture to monitor the audit trails of distributed systems for "footprints," which will signal suspicious or unauthorized activity on major operating systems. These pre-configured "drop and detect" scenarios allow organizations to install Intruder Alert to instantly protect systems against hundreds of the most common and dangerous security threats to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT and other key enterprise systems, according to company officials.

When it detects suspicious activity, Intruder Alert is designed to alert information technology managers, shut specific systems down, terminate offending sessions or take other actions to stop intrusions before they damage critical systems.


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