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Environmental Protection Agency. Information technology database system. Sol. RFQ #98-013. (CBD, July 14) The EPA, Region 6, Dallas, intends to issue a procurement for an online data service. This service will allow access to online databases throughout the continental United States and its territories. This service must be able to identify people by addresses, birth dates, Social Security numbers,driver's license numbers, vehicle registration and other forms of identification. This service also must be able to identify companies by company business names, the names and addresses of executives, and Dun & Bradstreet reports. The document-retrieval service must be able to provide certified and noncertified copies of recorded public documents. The contractor will provide access to all these public records via the Internet or via any access that is compatible with Region 6's existing computer network.Contact: Laverne BakerEnvironmental Protection AgencyRegion 61445 Ross Ave., Suite 1200Dallas, Texas 75202-2733(214) 665-7462

Navy. Thermal imaging sensor systems. Sol. N66001-98-R-0035. (CBD, July 14) The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center-San Diego intends to negotiate a hybrid firm-fixed-price/time-and-materials delivery-order contract for commercial off-the-shelf thermal imagery sensor equipment in support of the Mobile Sensor Platform operational requirements within the Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare System Upgrade program. The equipment is intended to be mounted and transported in an exposed (to the weather) position on an off-road-type vehicle. Operations will be conducted in all types of weather conditions, ranging from desert heat to tropical monsoon rains to freezing conditions. The primary purpose of this system is the classification and identification of contacts detected by radar at ranges up to four miles. A secondary purpose can be search and detection. Operation will be by computer control with display at local or remote sites. The system must be a compact, lightweight, rugged and weatherproof unit suitable for transport and use on a mobile, off-road vehicle-based platform in all weather conditions. Both cooled and uncooled systems will be considered. Additionally, the contractor will be required to conduct repairs on the system. The solicitation document will be issued on or about Aug. 3.Contact: Robert Ashley or Charmaine JoworskiNavyBid Office, SPAWARSYSCEN, Code D21B53570 Silvergate Ave.Building A33, Room 0061San Diego, Calif. 92152-5112(619) 553-5493/4536

Defense Finance and Accounting Service. Request for information for a tax module. (CBD, July 13) DFAS is requesting information for planning purposes only for a fully integrated and automated software module for the computation of income tax withholding for its active military, retired military and civilian pay operations. An acceptable module will receive income data from DFAS' Defense Joint Military Pay System, Defense Civilian Pay System and Defense Retired and Annuitant Pay System; compute federal, state and, where appropriate, local income tax withholding; and return that information to the Defense pay system. The system modules must have a retroactive tax processing capability based on date edits; requested immediate access storage is at least 15 months. The system modules must be compatible with modern relational database systems, and the withholding data must be in a format to support such ad hoc reporting as DFAS and its customers require.Contact: John D. MorseDefense Finance and Accounting ServiceDenver Center6760 E. Irvington PlaceDenver, Colo. 80279-8000(303) 676-8037

-- The items here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space. Full text is available at cbdnet.access.gpo.gov.


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