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Army. Personal Computer-3. Sol. DAAB07-98-R-V004. (CBD, Aug. 4) The Army's Communications-Electronics Command Acquisition Center-Washington intends to acquire for the Army, the Defense Department and other federal agencies commercial PCs, related peripherals, office automation software items and installation services. The anticipated requirements include standard and high-performance desktop systems, operating systems, hard disk drives, color monitors, a flat-screen color display, a five-year warranty and other related items. The planned acquisition method for all items includes straight purchases and lease options. A final request for proposals will be released on or about Sept. 4. It is anticipated that two awards will be made. Contact: George Davis, Army, Communications-Electronics Command Acquisition Center-Washington, Attn: AMSEL-AC-WA-B, 2461 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, Va. 22331-0700, (703) 325-3312.

NASA. A study to enhance the MDM mass-storage devices aboard the International Space Station. Sol. 9-BG3-03-8-40P. (CBD, Aug. 4) NASA's Johnson Space Center is interested in obtaining a study, on a no-cost basis, of the feasibility of an enhancement to the amount of data that can be stored and transmitted via the MDM mass-storage devices used on the International Space Station. Increased reliability, maintainability and sustainability should be addressed in any submission. The study should suggest ways to increase the memory from 300M to more than 1G while increasing the reliability at the same time, including the ability to "park" heads automatically during power transients. The new mass-storage device capability should provide flexible memory allocation and have a minimum number of moving parts. If feasible, the study should include an estimated cost for the implementation of one or more study recommendations and should also include a business arrangement recommendation. Contact: Marianne G. Bachstein, NASA, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Mail Code: BG, Houston, Texas 77058-3696, (281) 244-8407.

NASA. Wireless on-board crew communications for the International Space Station. Sol. 9-BG3-03-8-41P. (CBD, Aug. 4) NASA's Johnson Space Center is interested in obtaining a study, on a no-cost basis, that identifies one or more approaches and technologies for wireless communications enhancement on-board the International Space Station. The study should include a description of the crew-to-crew capability and the interfaces with the ISS communications systems. This system should be capable of transmitting voice and data. Commercial off-the-shelf solutions with low-cost, flexible use and stowage should be emphasized in the study. The study also should include an assessment of crew time savings that would result from the use of the wireless enhancement, with special attention given to hands-free crew operations. If feasible, the study should include an estimated cost for the implementation of one or more study recommendations and should also include a business arrangement recommendation.Contact: Marianne G. Bachstein, NASA, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Mail Code: BG, Houston, Texas 77058-3696, (281) 244-8407.

Army. Market survey for the Warfighter Information Network-Terrestrial (WIN-T) system. Sol. DAAB07-99-R-F401. (CBD, Aug. 4) The project manager of WIN-T is conducting a market survey to identify companies that can produce the objective WIN-T system. A statement of objectives that provides a top-level system description is posted at acbop.monmouth.army.mil. The WIN-T system will provide the backbone of the WIN architecture and will allow the seamless flow and interoperability among Joint Tactical Architecture-compliant sustaining base systems that produce, use or exchange information electronically. The WIN-T system will replace the current Mobile Subscriber Equipment and Tri-Tac systems for all tactical echelons.The objectives of the market survey are: (1) to identify opportunities for using commercial items or services; (2) to determine the availability of existing nondevelopmental items; (3) to provide the basis for writing product descriptions and a statement of work that allows companies to offer their commercial services in consonance with commercial practices; and (4) to craft an acquisition strategy, solicitation, contract and test plans that accommodate and take advantage of commercial business practices and encourage commercial competition.Contact: Thomas Taylor, Army, Communications-Electronics Command Acquisition Center, Fort Monmouth, N.J. 07703-5008, (732) 427-1576.

National Institutes of Health. Furnish, customize and install a protocol mapping software program. Sol. 263-98-P(LJ)-0038. (CBD, Aug. 4) The Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health needs a contractor to furnish, customize and install an existing protocol mapping software program (similar to a clinical or critical pathway) to meet the needs of the Clinical Center's protocol map process.The program should include a method to itemize resources specific to research and patient clinical interventions, track volume resource utilization and report results against the projected vs. actual resources throughout the life of the protocol. The system must have the following capabilities: be based on a Windows-type program with a graphical user interface; have the ability to run off the Internet or other acceptable system; offer Year 2000 compliance; provide consistency checks against erroneous entries; run diagnostic routines without disrupting the operational system; provide a standard protocol map template for a specified time and a patient-specific protocol map in electronic and hard-copy formats; and offer an access control mechanism and different levels of security, among other requirements.The contractor will provide technical and training support.The request for proposals will be issued on or about Aug. 18. Offerors whose proposals are determined to meet the minimum mandatory specifications will be required to make oral presentations.Contact: Johnnie L. Rice, National Institutes of Health, Office of Procurement Management, 6011 Executive Blvd., Rockville, Md. 20892-7260, (301) 402-3086.

Treasury Department. World Wide Web site support services. Sol. RFQ-98-100. (CBD, Aug. 4) The Bureau of the Public Debt intends to issue a commercial-item simplified acquisition solicitation based on Standard Industrial Code 7379 with a small-business size standard of $18 million for a contractor to code, scan and install publications on a Web site located in Washington, D.C. Contact: Rebecca Thompson, Treasury Department, Bureau of the Public Debt, Franchise Services, P.O. Box 605, Parkersburg, W.Va. 26106-0605, (304) 480-3509 .

-- The items included here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space. Full text is available at cbdnet.access.gpo.gov.


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