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Defense Supply Service. U.S. Court of Appeals/Wang system conversion. Sol. DASW01-98-Q-0801. (CBD, Aug. 25) The Defense Supply Service Washington, on behalf of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, intends to acquire network and programming services to replace all of the court's software applications that are currently running on Wang computers with applications that run on the court's new Pentium PC-based local-area network.Contact: Jim WillardDefense Supply Service Washington5200 Army PentagonRoom 1D245Washington, D.C. 20310-5200(703) 693-5713

Immigration and Naturalization Service. Developing an automated entry and exit control system— potential sources sought. Sol. TAE-8-00001. (CBD, Aug. 24) The Immigration and Naturalization Service is required to develop an automated entry and exit system that will: collect a record of departure for every alien departing the United States and match the record of departure with the record of the alien's arrival in the United States; and enable INS to identify lawfully admitted nonimmigrants who remain in the United States beyond their authorized period of stay. This automated system must: be able to store a very large volume of records; have the capability to match the record of departure with the record of the alien's arrival in the United States; allow for the automated capture of information when the alien arrives and departs from the United States; be easy to read and update; have an online search capability and be accessible from remote locations; and have the capability to provide for the generation of specific types of reports.Contact: T. EllisonImmigration and Naturalization ServiceProcurement Division425 I St. N.W.Room 2208Washington, D.C. 20536(202) 305-9229

Environmental Protection Agency. Information sharing software. Sol. 98-17. (CBD, Aug. 20) The EPA is seeking a contractor to establish an information sharing platform within the Office of Mobile Sources in order to enhance the sharing of mission-critical information. The following software requirements must be met: The software package must be able to operate within an Internet operation system; all EPA employees must have full access to the system; the viewing of events should be in a calendar; the software programming must meet all HTML 4.0 specifications; maintenance must be provided by the vendor on a yearly basis; and all software packages must operate within the environment of Microsoft Windows NT Version 4.0 and the MS-IIS Internet server system.Contract: Pam LegareEnvironmental Protection Agency26 W. Martin Luther King DriveCincinnati, Ohio 45268(513) 487-2015

District of Columbia. IT services: automated child welfare information system for the District of Columbia. Sol. SY0698. (CBD, Aug. 24) The District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) is soliciting proposals for installation and implementation of an automated child welfare information system. The system must provide access to essential information for use by CFSA to provide and/or support the delivery of services to foster care children and their families. The system must permit CFSA to interface with all other identified agency systems and be Year 2000-compliant.Contact: James H. OsborneThe District of Columbia Child and Family Services AgencyLaShawn General Receivership900 Second St. N.E., Suite 221Washington, D.C. 20002(202) 842-0888

-- The items here have been selected from recent Commerce Business Daily issues and have been edited for space.


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