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StorageTek offers e-mail archiving

Storage Technology Corp. this month plans to ship new software for archiving e-mail that aims to make it easier to capture, index and retrieve messages. The first version of MessageVault is designed for Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange, but the company plans to release a Lotus Development Corp. Notes version shortly.

Systems administrators can configure the software to capture all e-mail messages from their servers using a server edition of the package. A client edition allows end users to specify which messages they want to save.

Although the product was developed to address federal electronic recordkeeping needs, StorageTek's director of solutions development, Roger Oakes, said the product currently is not designed to allow individual messages to be sorted according an agency's records management plan or to be tagged for destruction as required by the Defense Department's 5015.2 standard for electronic recordkeeping systems.

Intergraph ships new 500 MHz systems

Intergraph Computer Systems recently announced the availability of the td-260 and InterServe 75, the company's new lines of professional PCs and servers, respectively, both of which are based on Intel Corp.'s 500 MHz Pentium III processor.

The td-260 can be configured with any of Intergraph's 2-D and 3-D graphics accelerators and is being touted by the company as a powerful new solution for business, financial, 3-D modeling and graphic design applications.

The InterServe 75 is an entry-level server designed specifically for workgroup and small office environments. It provides a compact, space-saving chassis and the horsepower to take over file and print services, World Wide Web server functions and database applications, according to the company.

The Pentium III processor provides additional features to enhance system management and security, and it is based on Intel's 440BX chipset. In addition, the Pentium III comes with a 100 MHz multiple-transaction front-side bus and 512K of Level 2 cache. However, both the td-260 and the InterServe 75 also come with either Pentium II or Celeron processors.

Pricing on the General Services Administration schedule for the Pentium III-based td-260 MT with 128M of RAM, a 10G hard drive, a Matrox Graphics Inc. G200 video card with 8M of memory and Windows NT 4.0 is $2,349, according to Intergraph. GSA pricing for the InterServe—including 64M of memory, a 6.4G hard drive, a network interface card, a video card and the Windows NT Server operating system—is $3,355.

Tera beats a benchmark

Tera Computer Co. announced March 3 that its experimental multithreaded architecture (MTA) supercomputer beat a traditional Cray T90 system on a key benchmark test. Tera's four-processor MTA system outperformed the T90 on TB2, a NASA-developed benchmark used to test how well computers process problems with constantly changing variables.

Tera upgraded a two-processor system installed at the San Diego Supercomputing Center to four processors last December. SDSC, which is testing the system's performance, accepted the upgrade last month.


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