DOJ's Condon moves to SRA

Mary Ellen Condon, the director of the information management and security staff at the Justice Department, last week left her post to take a job managing information technology projects for the federal division of systems integrator SRA International Inc.

Condon, who joined Justice four years ago, will oversee projects involving civilian agencies. Renny DiPentima, president of SRA's government sector, called Condon "someone who understands what agencies are going through" and said her addition to the company will add value to the services SRA provides to its federal customers.

Condon's move to SRA follows a recent migration of high-level federal IT executives to the company. In recent years, new SRA employees have included Kathy Adams, former Social Security Administration assistant deputy commissioner for systems, who joined SRA in September; and Tony Valletta, former acting assistant secretary of Defense for command control, communications and intelligence, who joined SRA last year. DiPentima, the former deputy commissioner for systems at SSA, joined SRA in 1995.Condon said she decided to move to the private sector to find new challenges. "It's a new opportunity," she said. "It's a challenge I haven't undertaken."

Condon listed among her accomplishments leadership in helping move Justice toward a common information technology architecture; guiding information security pilot projects, such as public-key infrastructure programs; and helping establish an IT investment board for the department.

In addition to working for Justice, Condon has worked in IT jobs at the Navy, the Office of Personnel Management, the Federal Energy Administration and the Agriculture Department, where she directed information resources management at the Agricultural Marketing Service. She also was chairwoman of the federal government's Information Technology Resources Board, a panel that serves as a third-party adviser to agencies planning IT projects.

Condon's last day at Justice was Dec. 3. She begins work at SRA Dec. 13.


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