Toshiba, Gateway lineup behind SpeedStep technology

In conjunction with Intel Corp.'s launch of several mobile Pentium III processors that use a new power-saving technology, Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. and Gateway Inc. on Tuesday announced systems that are among the first to offer the new capability.

Intel's SpeedStep technology increases notebook battery life by running at full speed when using AC power and clocking down processor speeds when the unit is running off battery power.

Toshiba is introducing SpeedStep to its ultraportable Portege 7200CT notebook as well as to its Tecra 8100 series. The Portege 7200CT incorporates a 600 MHz Mobile Pentium III processor that runs at 500 MHz when using battery power, and the Tecra 8100 series comes with either a 650 MHz or a 600 MHz Mobile Pentium III processor that powers down to 500 MHz while running on the battery.

"Today the Portege 7200CT and Tecra 8100 incorporate the most advanced processor technology, increasing performance and battery life, and thus giving our corporate notebook users greater mobile flexibility," said Jeffrey Friederichs, vice president and general manager of marketing at Toshiba America Information Systems' Computer Systems Group.

Gateway is offering SpeedStep technology on its Solo 9300 and Solo 2550 series notebooks. The notebooks offer either a 600 MHz or a 650 MHz Mobile Pentium III processor with SpeedStep technology.

"Our Solo notebooks with Intel's latest processor technology give customers more flexibility than ever by scaling the performance and battery consumption to fit their working conditions," said Michael Stinson, director of product marketing at Gateway. "In addition, the new options for our flagship Solo 9300 series of notebook computers bring business users and enthusiasts everything they expect from a leading-edge desktop PC."

Toshiba Portege 7200CT

600 MHz mobile Pentium III with SpeedStep technology

12G hard drive

64M of PC100 memory (expandable to 192M)

13.3-inch display

128-bit Trident Microsystems Inc. CyberBlade e4-128 3-D graphics controller with 4M of memory.

Optional docking solution with DVD, floppy, TV, Universal Serial Bus and network support.

The GSA schedule price is $3,542.

Toshiba Tecra 8100 *

650 MHz mobile Pentium III processor with SpeedStep technology

12G hard drive

128 M of PC100 memory

14.1-inch display


Integrated V.90/K56flex modem

The GSA schedule price is $4,022.

* A port replicator that offers built-in networking is available, and customers can upgrade to the Expansion Station docking base for a complete desktop replacement. For customers who don't need built-in network capabilities, the CardDock Port Replicator will be available in early February. This device includes one Type III PC Card slot, USB connections and a full array of expansion ports.

Gateway Solo 9300

600 MHz or 650 MHz Mobile Pentium III processor with SpeedStep technology

Up to 288M of memory

15.7-inch display

ATI 2X Accelerated Graphics Port 3-D graphics accelerator with 8M of video memory, FireWire capability

DVD/MPEG-2 software decoder

A multi-bay offers support for a second battery, a second hard drive, CD-RW drives or LS-120 SuperDisk drives

Solo 9300 notebooks start at $3,499.

Gateway Solo 2550

600 MHz or 650 MHz Mobile Pentium III processor with SpeedStep technology

4G to 18G hard drive

13.3-inch TFT display

Up to 288M of memory

Integrated 56K modem

Accelerated Graphics Port with 4M of memory.

Solo 2550 notebooks start at $2,499.


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