USGS welcomes employees to Survey City

The U.S. Geological Survey announced Monday that it has created an online human resources management center to address federal personnel issues and the agency's recruitment needs.

The World Wide Web-based system, called Survey City, will cut costs, make better use of staff and improve career development and work force management, a USGS spokesperson said. The system came online last Feb. 9.

Survey City will provide automated tools for USGS employees through its intranet system. Services available include human resources management information, job descriptions, job classification assistance, time and attendance tracking and online training registration and payment.

"The USGS personnel office of the future will use online tools to expand the scope of services and handle routine processing work," said Robert Hosenfeld, USGS personnel officer.

The new system also includes a paperless application process — for job seekers inside and outside the agency — through its Online Automated Recruitment Web site ( An interested candidate can fill out an application, receive immediate feedback on their qualifications and store applications for future use.

Since the Web site was launched, more than 1,400 people have filled out applications, according to Sally Lyberger, who manages the site. There are currently 40 positions candidates can apply for online.


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