A sampling of new Palm accessories

Palm Inc. Portable Keyboard

This portable keyboard folds to the size of a Palm handheld computer. It

features full-size keys in standard layout and includes a custom docking


Compatible with: Palm III series, Palm V series and Palm VII organizers

Price: $99

Rand McNally and Co. StreetFinder Deluxe 2000 with GPS

This travel solution includes the StreetFinder software as well as a Global

Positioning System receiver that snaps onto the back of a Palm handheld.

Compatible with: Palm III series and Palm V series organizers

Price: $179

Eastman Kodak Co. PalmPix Camera

This minicamera snaps onto the Palm organizer and uses the Palm's screen

as the viewfinder. You can use it to take pictures, store them on your Palm

organizer and then transfer them to a desktop PC using the Palm's HotSync

synchronization process. Each picture requires about 100K of memory.

Compatible with: Palm III series and Palm VII organizers

Price: $179


Palm IIIc - A

Palm Inc., a 3Com Corp. company

(408) 326-9000


Price and Availability: The Palm IIIc's estimated retail price is $449. It will be availableon the General Services Administration schedule from CompUSA, GE CapitalIT Solutions, CDW-G Inc. and GTSI. (Reseller prices may vary slightly.)

Remarks: Palm Inc. has delivered a great new device, and it's more than justa pretty color screen. Valuable enhancements include an improved operatingsystem, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, twice as much memory and fastersynchronization.

Main story: New features, color display raise the bar for handheld devices


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