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In a time when information technology employees are in high demand, Qwest

Government Systems' recruitment program would leave many IT institutions

envious. Enticing employees away from competitors has enabled Qwest to assemble

a leadership team made up of people with at least 10 years of experience

in the federal market.

"I am looking for the people who have a good reputation and are willing

to take risks," said Jim Payne, senior vice president of Qwest Government

Systems. "They are the people willing to break the glass and look for innovative


Recent additions to Qwest Government Systems' leadership team include:

* Jim Payne, senior vice president. Prior to joining Qwest in June 1999,

Payne worked as a government marketing executive at Sprint and GTE.

* Howard Seeger, vice president of sales and marketing. Before coming

to Qwest last month, Seeger worked as vice president of business development

at Wang Government Services. He also served as vice president of operations

at TeleCommunications Systems and as vice president of software and IT operations

for Science Applications International Corp.

* Wesley Kaplow, senior director of technology. Worked for AT&T's

Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies prior to joining Qwest in 1998.

He has written many reports for the government and given numerous presentations

covering the impact of technology on the government, ATM networks for tactical

data systems and virtual private networks.

* Ann Richeson, ESNet program

manager. Worked for the National Science Foundation before starting her

position at Qwest in January. During her tenure with NSF, Richards was responsible

for the agency's Next Generation Internet project and the Large-Scale Networking


* George Johnston, director of engineering and operations. As one of

the original members of Qwest, Johnston has been responsible for overseeing

the growth of his division from one person to more than 70. Prior to joining

Qwest, Johnston worked for Lucent Technologies as a lead engineer for the

Government Solutions Division.

* Jane Forman, director of civilian agency and International programs.

Forman is responsible for al sales and business development activities with

federal civilian agencies. She is also responsible for international programs.

Before joining Qwest in January, Forman was vice president and general manager

of Eastman Software Inc federal division. In 1980, Forman began her career

with Wang Laboratoreis wher she served as Director of Sales and DOD branch

sales manager.

* Roxane Rucker, Program Manager, TCS. Rucker serves as the primary

point of contact for TRW's Treasury Program and directly manages all aspects

of the service level agreement. Prior to joining Qwest earlier this year,

Rucker worked as a program manger for network and services engineering

at Concert/Aerotek Telecommunications Services. She also served as district

manager for New Business Development at AT&T.


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