GPS follows mobile security system

The Hauppauge, N.Y., Public School District is testing a new vehicle tracking and messaging system that could improve communication between supervisors and their security personnel in the field.

The PageTrack2 system includes a two-way paging feature that enables security officers to notify their supervisors upon arrival at a location or after the completion of a task simply by opening their car door.

Developed by Freeport, Texas-based Elite Logistics Services Inc. (, the system compiles a log of each unit's transmissions, which can be used to monitor an officer's activities as well as any emergency situations.

PageTrack2 is comprised of a Motorola Inc. "tranceiver" and a Global Positioning System receiver, which are housed in a self-contained 6 inch-by-6 inch black box inside the car. It can track any vehicle either through the Internet or by phone, and it can also be used to disable vehicle starters or control door locks and windows.

Hauppauge's school security department provides patrol protection for the district's 3,500 students. Security Supervisor Edward Spear said he is excited by the prospect of using technology to make his job easier.

"We use a number of tools to track our staff, and it really works in their defense to show where they were and why it justified their time at a certain location," Spear said, adding that his department tested the system in one security vehicle and recently purchased a second PageTrack2 unit.

Spear said there are typically one or two officers on duty on a 24-hour basis, and the system has been set up to send in a report every time the driver's side door of the car is opened.


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